Crystalfontz is a supplier of LCD, TFT and OLED display modules used in embedded systems, rack-mount servers, and other devices. We provide a full complement of accessories, including touch screens, cables, PC mounting brackets, and development / demonstration boards.
Linux SOM (System on Module)

Linux SOM

(System on Module)

The CFA10036 SOMs are very small Linux computers. 454MHz ARM9, up to 126 GPIO, up to 256MB RAM, Ethernet, and TFT LCD support. It has never been easier to use the power of Linux in your embedded project.

Serial and USB Display modules

Serial and USB LCD Modules

Our serial LCD modules and USB LCD modules, combined with our great documentation and free technical support, we've made it easy to add a display to your system. USB, RS232, TTL, I2C, and SPI interfaces are available. Often packaged and shipped the same day.

Integrated Keypads

Smart LCDs with Integrated Keypads

These LCDs with integrated keypads have everything you need to control your project in a single unit, using one cable. Specifically designed to fit into 1U appliances, these versatile modules are used as the front user interface in hundreds of designs.

Character and Graphic LCD Dislay modules

Character and Graphic LCD Modules

STN HD44780-compatible character LCD modules and STN graphic LCD modules are the workhorses of embedded system displays. We have a huge variety of these reliable displays in stock and ready to ship.

Free Customer Technical Support

Product Support

We offer knowledgeable, U.S. based technical support, detailed datasheets as well as an actively monitored forum. Need assistance? Call 888-206-9720 M-F 8:30-4:30 PST. Our experienced, friendly staff is standing by to help.

OLED display modules

OLED Modules

Character, graphic, and color OLEDs offer great viewing angles and super fast response time. OLEDs are among the thinnest and smallest displays available. We have OLEDs designed to directly replace LCDs.

Drive Bay Display Kits

Drive Bay Kits

Drive Bay Kits allow you to easily mount one of our LCD modules in a standard PC drive bay. You can display processor statistics, memory usage, and turn the PC on and off.

TFT and Touch Screen Display Modules

TFT Display Modules

As capabilities of embedded systems increase, our TFT LCD modules allow you to keep up with the demand for more complex user interfaces. From 1.7" to 5.0" screens, with and without touch screens.

Development kits and accessories

Display Accessories

Development tools for easy prototyping and integration of our displays: cables, carrier boards, demonstration boards, and development boards.

Our goal is to provide high quality displays quickly from local stock with full documentation and knowledgeable technical support.
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