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CFA633 Serial


  • Robust packet based communications protocol with 16-bit CRC.
  • Compact size: fits in a 1U rack mount case (35 mm overall height).
  • Advanced digital GPIO control with PWM output.
  • Four fan connectors with RPM monitoring or variable PWM fan power control.
    NOTE: Not recommended for use with 4-Wire fans
  • Available in a 5.25" half-height LCD drive bay kit, (see mounting bracket photos).
  • ATX power supply control functionality allows the buttons on the CFA-633 to replace the "power" and "reset" buttons on your system, simplifying your front panel design.
  • Temperature monitoring: up to 32 channels at up to 0.5 deg C absolute accuracy. Ready-to-use WRDOWY17 Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire temperature sensors are optional. Alternatively, you can create your own sensors using DS1822 or DS18B20 parts and the tutorial on creating temperature sensors.
  • Integrated LED backlit 6-button translucent silicon keypad with screened legend.
  • "Fail-Safe" fan power setting allows safe host fan control based on temperature.
  • Non-volatile memory ("EEPROM") capability: Customize the "power-on" display settings plus a 16-byte "scratch" register for storing IP, netmask, system serial number, etc.

CFA633-RDI-KS Character LCDCFA633-RDI-KS Character LCD
CFA633-TFH-KS Character LCDCFA633-TFH-KS Character LCD
CFA633-TMI-KS Character LCDCFA633-TMI-KS Character LCD
CFA633-YYH-KS Character LCDCFA633-YYH-KS Character LCD