ePaper Displays

First designed to mimic the appearance of black ink on white paper, these electrophoretic display modules are sometimes referred to as EPD (Electronic Paper Displays), electronic ink, or eInk. This technology is now widely used for e readers and ESL (electronic shelf labels).

Power consumption for bistable e-ink display modules is lower than any other display technology, as the image requires refreshing only when content changes. These embedded e-paper display modules are ideal for applications where power is severely constrained. Once the image is shown on the display, it will remain visible using zero power. The high contrast ratio and anti-glare surface makes an epaper display module easy to read in bright sunlight.

Our ePaper display inventory is growing every day. Currently, we have sizes ranging from 200x200 resolution with a 1.54" diagonal active area to 640x384 resolution with a 7.5" active area. We have ePaper display modules in black & white, monochrome, black & yellow & white, black & red & white. We even offer a flexible ePaper module!

For a fast start, use our sample code to display your images. Our open-source demonstration code runs directly on a low cost Seeeduino v4.2 or Arduino running 3.3v.