OLED Displays

Looking for a small OLED display? Our OLED displays come in a nice assortment of size and color choices.

Want a Graphic OLED display? Or do you need a Character OLED display? We have them both and with different interfaces.

Looking to upgrade the LCD display on an existing product? Replace the STN LCD with one of our standard size OLEDs. In the monochrome character OLEDs, choose from 8 characters x 2 lines (rows) up to 20 characters in 4 rows. The monochrome 16-level grayscale OLEDs are a good choice where fine detail is needed in a graphic, or select a full color OLED. Customers find creative uses to separate information in the two different active area colors on the CFAL12864N-A-B4 like in MP3 players.

Looking for a carrier or demo board for an OLED display? We offer carrier boards for several of our OLED displays.

OLED displays have extremely wide viewing angles. And if your device is powered by batteries, you will appreciate the low power consumption. Because OLED modules are self-illuminating, there is no backlight. The pixels that are not lit (off) look black, not just dark. The high contrast (>2000:1 contrast ratio) makes even the smallest OLEDs easy to read.

Our 128x32 OLED modules are perfectly small OLED displays that are excellent for fitness trackers or products requiring a small but high contrast display, we've got that little oled display in multiple colors, connectors, and interfaces.