Sunlight Readable Displays

Crystalfontz has a large selection of sunlight readable displays. We carry both graphic sunlight readable LCD displays as well as character sunlight readable LCD displays.

A transflective lcd offers lower power for high ambient light applications, very good sunlight readability, and good balance between indoor and outdoor readability. They perform better under all lighting conditions, especially direct sunlight.

A reflective lcd display has polarizers that are basically a mirror that sits behind the LCD glass reflecting all the light from the sun and redirecting it back towards the user. The brighter the light, the easier it is to read. The downside to a reflective polarizer is that in dark environments, you cannot put a backlight behind it. The reflective polarizer will block any light from reaching the user. If you must have a backlight, you may need to add an edge lit or side lit LED light.

If there is a sunlight readable display you're not finding here, please talk to our support team, they might be able to find one that will fit your needs.