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Part Number: 2BM-10008

2BM-10008 photo

Carrier board for CFAF176220U-020T TFT display module. Includes current driver for the LED backlight of the display.


For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.

Physical Characteristics

Weight 91g

Part Change Notices

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Part Change Notice #10361

Products Affected: 2BM-10000, 2BM-10004-TS, 2BM-10004, 2BM-10005, 2BM-10008
Date Issued: August 11, 2011
Summary: Change in 2BM carrier board part numbers.
Description: 2BM10000 changed to CFAL9664B-F-B1-CB
2BM10004 changed to CFAF320240F-035T-CB
2BM10004TS changed to CFAF320240F-035T-TS-CB
2BM10005 changed to CFAF240400D-030T-CB
2BM10008 changed to CFAF176220U-020T-CB
Reason: New part numbers more clearly indicate that the product is a kit that contains both a carrier board and display.
Impact: Part number change only.
Recommendation: Order the new part numbers to receive the same product as before the name change.
Price Change: None.

Product Update #10348

New Product: 2BM-10008
Date Issued: June 2, 2011
Summary: New Product in TFT LCD Modules: 2BM-10008
Description: Carrier board for CFAF176220U-020T TFT LCD module. Includes current driver for the LED backlight present on the TFT LCD module.