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This carrier board is designed specifically for use with our CFA10036 module, giving you quick and easy access to all the input/output pins.

CFA10037 Family

The CFA10037 gives access to all the port pins of the CFA10036, and by extension the port pins of the i.MX28. It also has a prototype area with solid power distribution. All of this is offered in a prototype-friendly 0.1" center format. We made a set of holes that line up with shields designed for an Arduino Uno R3.

By using 0.1" center headers and socketed hook-up wire, you can connect any of the pins on the CFA10036 to any location on the prototype area.
We did give you a hand with the Ethernet PHY and USB A connector, since those will commonly be used, and their PCB layout can be fussy.
For serious hardware-level debugging, signals are brought out for connection to a compatible JTAG debugger
For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.

Physical Characteristics

Module Overall
width height
millimeters 184.5 125
inches 7.26 4.92
PCB Outline
width height
millimeters 184.5 125
inches 7.26 4.92

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Product Update #10571

Products Affected: CFA-10036, CFA10037, CFA10037-1, CFA10037-2, CFA921-TS, CFA920-TS, CFA10037-5, CFA10037-6, CFA-920-TS1, CFA-920-TS2, CFA-920-TS5, CFA-920-TS6, CFA-921-TS1, CFA-921-TS2, CFA-921-TS5, CFA-921-TS6
Date Issued: October 30, 2013
Summary: The CFA-10036 modules have been updated to include a heat shield to provide better thermal cooling for the i.MX28 processor.
Reason: To provide more efficient thermal cooling for the i.MX28 processor.

Product Update #10552

New Product: CFA10037
Date Issued: October 25, 2013
Summary: (New Product) CFA10037
Description: Development Kit / Demonstration Board: Carrier Board designed for CFA10036

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