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System Cooling Accessory Board adds fan and temperature cooling functions to CFA631 and CFA635 displays.

SCAB Family

Adds the same fan and temperature cooling functions to our CFA631, CFA635 and CFA735 intelligent USB displays that are available natively in CFA633 displays.

  • Four fan connectors with RPM monitoring and variable PWM fan power control
  • Temperature Monitoring: up to 32 channels (16 channels on the CFA-FBSCAB) at up to 0.5°C accuracy
  • 4 GPIO lines on the System Cooling Accessory Boards allow:
    • ATX power supply control functionality. Use keypad buttons on the display as "power" and "reset" buttons for your system.
    • Hardware watchdog that can reset the host in the case of host software failure.
    • Advanced digital GPIO control with PWM output
  • Compatible with our free software for controlling all display functionality, including these temperature and fan features.
For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.

Physical Characteristics

Module Overall
width height
millimeters 60 40
inches 2.36 1.57
PCB Outline
width height
millimeters 60 40
inches 2.36 1.57
Weight 13g


CFA_SCAB_v1.1.pdf (2MB, Aug 2005, Datasheet v.1.1, Hardware v.1.1)

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