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  • The only 20x2 USB LCD with keypad designed to fit in a PC's 3.5" floppy disk drive bay.
  • USB interface (115200 baud throughput)
  • LED backlit negative mode STN 20x2 LCD
  • Integrated LED backlit 4-button translucent silicon keypad
  • "key legends" allows user assignment of soft keys to be shown easily on the LCD
  • LCD characters are contiguous in both X and Y directions to allow the host software to display "gapless" bar graphs in horizontal or vertical directions
  • Fully decoded keypad: any key combination is valid and unique
  • Robust packet-based communications protocol with 16-bit CRC
  • Built-in re-programmable microcontroller (factory operation)
  • Non-volatile memory capability ("EEPROM"):
    • Customize the "power-on" display settings
    • 16-byte "scratch" register for storing IP, netmask, system serial number
  • Available in a LCD drive bay kit

CFA631P-TMF-KU Character LCDCFA631P-TMF-KU Character LCD
CFA631-RMF-KU Character LCDCFA631-RMF-KU Character LCD
CFA631-TMF-KU Character LCDCFA631-TMF-KU Character LCD