CrystalControl2 Manual
Advanced Setup
Plugin Information
See here for CrystalControl2 plugin information.

Making Custom Loadable Screens
Since the screen-editor will be added to CrystalControl2 in the near future, this manual will not cover INI and manual screen editing for the moment.
For those who like to torture themselves (i really do mean this...), it is possible to create new loadable screens without the screen-editor. Ask about this in the Crystalfontz internet forums.

Creating Plugins (SDK)
If you are proficient at programming in "C" or "C++", it is possible to create your own CrystalControl2 plugins.
The required libraries, headers, and an example plugin are provided in the "cc2-plugin-sdk" directory.
The plugin example was created and is confirmed to compile inside Microsoft VisualC version 7.
Since its simple "C" code though, it should compile using most other Windows compatible compilers if setup correctly.
Please do read through all of the comments in the example plugins source code to gain an understanding to the inner workings of CrystalControl2.
After doing so, any questions you have on creating plugins can be asked in the Crystalfontz internet forums.

CrystalControl2 Manual

By Mark Williams for Crystalfontz America Inc 2004