CrystalControl2 Manual
Welcome To CrystalControl2
Thank you for choosing CrystalControl2.
CrystalControl2 represents the next generation of software to display system information from your PC and the programs it is running onto your Crystalfontz display.
CrystalControl2 is an entirely new program, written from the ground up to have unlimited potential.
Some of the features that make CrystalControl2 versatile and expandable are:

  • Full support of the advanced hardware features available on Crystalfontz displays.
  • CrystalControl2 runs as a service, so it can be active even if no user is logged into the computer.
  • Support for plugins. This means that Crystalfontz (or advanced users) can add support for new features without reinstalling the program.

This first release of CrystalControl2 includes a large number of pre-configured screens.
We will release a Screen Editor shortly allows the end-user to create their own screens, as well as an Event Editor that will allow end-users to create mappings between events (keys, temperatures, fan speeds etc) and display functions.

This Manual
This manual contains guides and information on the installation of your Crystalfontz LCD module and the use of CrystalControl2.
We understand that not many people like reading help documents, so this manual has been written to show you how to get your LCD working in the minimum time.
If you've just bought a new Crystalfontz LCD, follow the setup guides in this order:


CrystalControl2 Manual

By Mark Williams for Crystalfontz America Inc 2004