CrystalControl2 Manual
Installing CrystalControl2
Before You Begin

As CrystalControl2 runs as an NT Service, it must be installed by a user with Administrative rights. Once CrystalControl2 is installed, it can be used by normal "Limited" users on the PC.

Before you begin installing CrystalControl2, it is advisable that you close all other applications and media software (especially Winamp and Foobar2000) otherwise parts of the installation process may fail.


Installation of CrystalControl2 is a quite simple process, see the steps below.

If you already have CrystalControl2 installed, and would like to install a newer version, simply install over the top of the previous version. All old settings will be kept.

Step 1 - Introduction
After running the CrystalControl2 installation file with the name of "cc2setup_#version#.exe", you will be greeted with the installer introduction screen...
Click the "Next" button to continue.

Step 2 - Disclaimer
The next screen will display the normal disclaimer information you are meant to read (but never do).
Click the "I Agree" button to continue.

Step 3 - Install Location
Next you'll need to specify where you would like to install CrystalControl2. Unless you want to install CrystalControl2 somewhere else, the default directory will be fine.
Click the "Next" button when you are happy with the location.

Step 4 - Start Menu

The installer will create a folder in your start menu for quick access to CrystalControl2 and related files. The displayed dialog box, will allow you to change the name and location of that folder.
For the majority of people, the default settings will be fine.
Click "Install" to continue.

Step 5 - Foobar2000 Plugin
The installer will now proceed, installing the files required for CrystalControl2. Part way through this process, the installer will ask for the location of Foobar2000's components directory.
If you do use Foobar2000, browse to the directory where Foobar2000 is installed, and select the "components" directory like in the example image below.

If you do not use Foobar2000 (its a free music player, similar to Winamp), click the "Cancel" button. A message will be displayed giving instructions on installing this plugin manually in the future.

If you do wish to install the Foobar2000 plugin, click "Ok", otherwise click "Cancel".

Step 6 - Winamp Plugin
This step is similar to the last, but for Winamp instead.
If you use Winamp, browse to the directory where Winamp is installed, and select the "plugins" directory like in the example image below.
Note: The CrystalControl2 Winamp plugin will only work with Winamp versions 2.xx and 5.xx.
If you do wish to install the Winamp plugin, click "Ok", otherwise click "Cancel".

Step 7 - All Done
The remaining files will now be installed.
When it has finished, you can click the "Close" button.
The installer will now ask you if you would like to reboot the computer. A reboot of the computer is required to complete the installation of CrystalControl2.
All done.

Installation Problems
If you have problems installing CrystalControl2, please first read the FAQ pages in this manual.
If the problems your encountered are not answered in those sections, please either ask about your problem on the Crystalfontz internet forums or email for support.

Uninstalling CrystalControl2

To uninstall CrystalControl2, select your Windows Start-Menu, and in the CrystalControl2 folder, click "Uninstall".

All files that were installed, registry entries, will be removed along with your CrystalControl2 configuration files!

CrystalControl2 Manual

By Mark Williams for Crystalfontz America Inc 2004