CrystalControl2 Manual
Using CrystalControl2
The Start-Bar Icon

Access to CrystalControl2 is gained through using the start-menu icon which will be present after installation of CrystalControl2. This icon appears as a red, blue or orange Crystalfontz logo as pointed to in the image below.

The color of this icon represents CrystalControl2's current status:
In the process of starting, stopping or restarting.
Hovering your mouse pointer over the icon will show CrystalControl2's status and if running, how many times the LCD screen has been updated since starting.
A single right-click of your mouse on the icon will display a small menu with a few self-explanatory options.
A double left-click displays the full CrystalControl2 setup screen.
A single left-click displays the quick-controls menu.
Please note that any settings changed in this menu will not be saved!

The Full Configuration Window
Double-left clicking on the start-bar icon will display the full CrystalControl2 configuration window.
An example is shown below.
Note: None of the changes to settings in the full configuration window are immediate.
You must click the "Restart CrystalControl2" button to activate any new settings or changes.
Settings and controls descriptions:
Control Name
LCD Module Selection
Module List
This box lists the LCD modules that have been configured to use.
Add New
Adds a new LCD module
Shows the LCD module configuration dialog.
Removes the selected LCD module.
Screen Selection
Screen List
A list of the screens to be displayed on the currently selected LCD module.
Insert New
Shows the screen-loading dialog box.
Remove Selected
Removes the selected screen.
Moves the selected screen up or down through the list (useful for ordering screens in alternate mode).
Module Setup Tab
Module Name
Allows for editing of the currently selected module name.
LCD Brightness
Changes LCD backlit brightness (may not be available with some LCD modules)
LCD Contrast
Changes LCD contrast (may not be available with some LCD modules)
Starting Screen
When CrystalControl2 first starts, the screen selected here will be displayed first.
Alternate Enabled
When this box is ticked, CrystalControl2 will place this module in "Alternate" mode. CrystalControl2 will change between screens automatically.
Screen Setup Tab
Screen Name
Allows for editing of the currently selected screen name.
Screen Alternate Delay
When CrystalControl2 is in "Alternate" mode, the currently selected screen will be displayed for this amount of time before moving to the next screen.
General Options Tab
Start Service With Windows
When ticked, the CrystalControl2 service will start with windows.
Put Icon In Start-Bar Tray
When ticked, the CrystalControl2 icon will be displayed in the startbar tray when a user log into windows.
Restart CrystalControl2
Clicking this button will force the CrystalControl2 service to stop itself, then restart with any new settings.

The Quick Controls Menu
This menu is accessed by single left clicking the start-bar icon.
Settings changed in this window are immediately shown on the selected LCD module.
Note: The settings changed in this window are only temporary, they will not be saved for use on the next CrystalControl2 restart.
Select the LCD module you wish to change the settings of in the "Module" drop-down box.
You can then change that modules settings (currently displayed screen, alternating mode, brightness & contrast) in the "Module Options" box.

CrystalControl2 Manual

By Mark Williams for Crystalfontz America Inc 2004