CrystalControl2 Manual
Game Information Plugin Setup
This Guide
This page is quick guide to setting up the CrystalControl2 game server information plugin (cc2_games.dll) for use with The All Seeing Eye.

Step 1 - Install/Configure ASE

First, The All Seeing Eye (ASE) application must be installed.
If you do not have ASE installed, download and install the latest version available on the ASE web site.
Once installed, setup ASE for your installed games and other preferences (see the ASE help).

Step 2 - Configure ASE for CrystalControl2

Start the The All Seeing Eye software.
From the "Tools" menu, select "Options" (or just press F2) as in the image below:
In the options dialog, select the "Events" tab:
In the "When launching game" box, click the "Run plugin program" button.
A window will appear with a blank text box. In this text box enter the exact text below, modified for the directory in which you installed CrystalControl2.
<your-CrystalControl2-directory>\cc2-service\games-client.exe start "{GAMENAME}" "{ip}" "{port}" "{queryport}" "{NAME}"
For example, if you installed CrystalControl2 in the "d:\program files\CrystalControl2" directory, you would enter in the following:
Click the "OK" button.
Now in the "When returning from game " box, click the "Run plugin program" button.

Enter in this text:

<your-CrystalControl2-directory>\cc2-service\games-client.exe stop
Like in this example:

Click the "OK" button, then close the options window.

All Done

When you start a multiplayer game from ASE, a blank window will pop-up then disappear quite quickly. This is the CrystalControl2 games-client software passing on the server information for the game your joining to CrystalControl2.
If you are viewing the game information screens on your LCD, you will now see the gaming information for the server you have joined.

Supported Games
Below is a list of supported games, and the information that is available for each.

CrystalControl2 Manual

By Mark Williams for Crystalfontz America Inc 2004