CrystalControl2 Manual
Crystalfontz Serial LCD Setup
Step 1 - Power Connector
This step is only required if you have a backlit serial LCD module and the power connector/lead was supplied with your LCD.
The supplied connector needs to be soldered in the pads labeled "GROUND", "+5V(LCD)" and "+5V(LED)" on the back side of the LCD as shown in the following images.
Make sure the connector is soldered in place facing in the same direction as in the image below.
The supplied backlight power connector.
The three holes on the right are where the connector must be soldered.
The connector soldered in place.
The connector in place viewed form the front of the LCD.

Step 2 - Baud Rate

For the CrystalControl to work correctly, the baud rate on the LCD and the rate selected in the software must correspond.
For example, if the LCD is set to 9600 baud, CrystalControl must also be set to use 9600 for that module.
Generally 19200 baud is the best to use as it'll give the fastest LCD update speeds, and reduce flicker.
Sometime a lower baud rate may be preferred. A good example of when the baud rate may need to be reduced is when using the LCD over a very long serial cable.
The images below show the dip-switch that sets the baud rate on the LCD, and the table on the back of the LCD showing which switch positions correspond to a particular baud rate. The dip-switch in this case is set to 19200 baud.

Step 3 - Connection to the PC
If supplied, use the serial cable supplied with the LCD to connect the LCD to a serial port on the back of your PC.
If you did not purchase the serial cable with your LCD, you will need to acquire a 9pin female to 9pin female "straight through" serial lead (not "null modem" type).
If you have the backlit LCD module and purchased the backlight power supply lead with the LCD, connect it to the LCD and the "molex" connector to a power supply cable in your PC.

Step 4 - Installing CrystalControl2 software
See the guide on how to do this here.
If you need more help with setting up your CrystalFontz serial LCD module, please visit the Crystalfontz internet forums.

CrystalControl2 Manual

By Mark Williams for Crystalfontz America Inc 2004