Part Change Notice #10725: CFA533 serial and USB firmware revision 1.1 to 1.2

Products Affected: CFA533-YYH-KS, CFA533-TMI-KS, CFA533-TMI-KU, CFA533-YYH-KL, CFA533-TMI-KL, CFA533-TFH-KU, CFA533-TFH-KS, CFA533-TFH-KL
Date Issued: July 8, 2016
Summary: CFA533 serial and USB firmware revision 1.1 to 1.2
Last revision: 1.1
Description: The CFA533 series of advanced display modules will be changing from the current serial and USB firmware version 1.1 to version 1.2. Firmware changes support hardware design changes; no functional changes were made or added. Firmware version 1.2 requires Hardware version 1.4 or newer.
Reason: As part of our continuous improvement, firmware has been updated for use with updated hardware for the CFA533 series of advanced display modules.
Impact: Command 1 (0x01): Get Hardware & Firmware Version
This command will now report the following strings

Serial versions (-KL and -KS suffix): "CFA533:h1.4,s1v2"
USB version (-KU suffix): "CFA533:h1.4,u1v2"
Recommendation: CFA533 firmware version 1.2 is considered a fit and form replacement. Testing of new firmware is recommended when the new hardware version 1.4 is available
Availability: CFA533 hardware version 1.4 should begin shipping Q4 2016.
Engineering samples for testing / validation of the firmware version 1.2 will be available during this same time frame.
Price Change: No price change is currently scheduled.