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USB LCDs, Serial & Parallel LCDs, TFTs, OLEDs and Demo Boards! In Stock and Ready to Ship!

All of our LCD display modules have complete datasheets, free "won't let you fail" technical support, and a one year warranty.

USB LCD Display Modules

USB LCD Displays

  • Many Sizes & Colors
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Graphic & Character LCDs
Serial LCD Display Modules
  • Serial Graphic LCDs & Character LCDs
  • 5 different Character/Lines Layouts
  • 11 different graphic resolutions
Graphic Display Modules
  • Over 25 different resolutions
  • 12 Different LCD interfaces
  • 50+ different sizes
Character LCD Display Modules
  • 12x2, 16x2, 20x4 LCDs + many more!
  • 40+ Different LCD Sizes
  • 8 Different LCD Interfaces
Free LCD Technical Support
  • Expert Support
  • U.S. Based
  • Fast & Accurate Responses
TFT LCD Display Modules

TFT LCD Modules

  • 8 Different TFT resolutions
  • 9 unique TFT LCD sizes
  • 6 TFT LCD interfaces
OLED Display Modules
  • Character & Graphic OLEDs
  • 4 Graphical OLED resolutions
  • 5 Character OLED sizes
Sunlight Readable LCDs
  • 150+ Sunlight Readable Displays
  • Transflective & Reflective LCDs
  • 8 Different LCD Interfaces
LCD Accessories and Development Kits
  • Full Line of LCD Cables
  • Complete LCD Development Kits
  • DOW 1-Wire Temperature Sensors

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