Discounted Products

These products are End-of-Life and have limited availability. These modules ARE NOT recommended for new designs. While we do not offer any direct replacements, perhaps one of our many other displays will fit your needs. Please contact our Tech Support team for assistance. The prices on these modules have been reduced for the remaining stock. Perfect for hobby, or one off projects. As with all Crystalfontz displays, full technical support is included but we cannot accept returns. Once depleted, no more is available.

128x128 Parallel Graphic LCD
  • Part #: CFAG128128BTMIVZ
  • Size: 72.5mm x 69.9mm x 10mm
  • Interfaces: 8-bit Parallel
  • Resolution: 128x128 pixels
  • Color: White on Blue
  • Polarizer: Transmissive
  • Backlight: White LED

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128x64 Graphic OLED Display
  • Part #: CFAL12864QXG
  • Size: 73.0mm x 41.86mm x 3.0mm
  • Interfaces: 8-bit Parallel, SPI
  • Resolution: 128x64 pixels
  • Color: Grayscale on Green
  • Polarizer: Emissive

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