8x1 Character LCD Displays

Need a simple one line character LCD with 8 characters? This 8x1 character lcd is perfect for sunlight scenarios when you need to maintain readabilty but don't need a ton of characters to display at once. Crystalfontz has a number of other small lcd modules and all our lcd displays are covered with a one year warranty and outstanding technical support!

On Sale!
Sunlight Readable 8x1 Character LCD CFAH0801Z-YYH-JP
Sunlight Readable 8x1 Character LCD
Part#: CFAH0801Z-YYH-JP
Diagonal Dimension: 1.64"
Interface(s): 4-bit Parallel,8-bit Parallel
Colors: Dark on Yellow-Green
Sunlight Readable: Yes
Resolution: N/A
Sale Price: $4.06



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