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Crystalfontz LCD Videos

Watch videos demonstrating our LCD, OLED and ePaper Displays.

Crystalfontz has a wide variety of LCD display products. Including ePaper, OLED, TFT and accessories. Watch our LCD videos below to see our display solutions in action.

If there is a Crystalfontz module that you would like to see a video demonstration of, please send a request to our support team, and we will do our best to create one for you.

Compare Sunlight Readable
Not sure how the difference between transflective and transmissive affects sunlight readability? Here is a video that takes you from pitch black to full sunlight, showing how the transflective CFAF480640A-035T compares to a transmissive TFT display module.
Product Page: CFAF480640A035T

Arduino SPI TFT Demonstration
Demonstration of the CFAF128128B-0145T Arduino SPI TFT LCD.
Product Page: CFAF128128B0145T

LCD Tach Gauge Demonstration
CFAF128128B-0145T LCD Tach Gauge Demonstration
Product Page: CFAF128128B0145T

Arduino ST7920 Demo
Seeeduino v4.2 /Arduino ST7920 Graphic LCD Crystalfontz CFAG14432D SPI
Product Page: CFAG14432DTFHTT

200x200 ePaper 2.54
Crystalfontz ePaper 200x200 2.54" zero-power display CFAP200200A0-0154
Product Page: CFAP200200A00154

ePaper Video Demo
Demonstration of our ePaper display.
Product Page: CFAP122250A00213

160x32 Flexible OLED Display
Quick video demonstration showing this small flexible OLED display running and its flexibility.
Product Page: CFAL16032A0018PW

Crystalfontz CFAL6448A-066BW 64x48 Small Graphic OLED for Embedded Applications
64x48 pixel OLED product preview
Product Page: CFAL6448A066BW

Crystalfontz CFAL4864A-071BW 48x64 Small Graphic OLED
48x64 OLED display preview.
Product Page: CFAL4864A071BW

Black/White/Red ePaper Refresh
ePaper and Arduino demonstration video showing it updating.
Product Page: CFAP128296D00290

128x64 Graphic OLED SPI Arduino Demo
128x64 2.4 inch OLED and Arduino demonstration
Product Page: CFAL12864G024W

192x64 Graphic LCD demonstration
192x64 Monochrome Graphic STN LCD demonstration on a CFA10006
Product Page: CFAG19264DTFHVN

Ultra-Small Color OLED Demonstration
128x36 full color OLED demonstration
Product Page: CFAL12836A0088

240x320 IPS & TFT LCD SPI Arduino Demo
240x320 TFT SPI demonstration
Product Page: CFAF240320W020T

CFA835 VU Meter Emulation Demonstration
CFA835 Graphic LCD emulating a VU meter
Product Page: CFA835TFK

Small OLED Arduino Demonstration
50x16 SPI Graphic OLED Arduino Demonstration
Product Page: CFAL5016AY

Vibration Reliability Test
CFA Advanced LCD's get vibration tested
Product Page: CFA635TFKKU

Raspberry PI CFA835 Integration Video
Integrate a Raspberry Pi with a CFA835
Product Page: CFA835TFK

128x128 SPI TFT Demonstration
128x128 LCD streaming video via SPI interface
Product Page: CFAF128128B0145T

1.45" 128x128 Color TFT LCD
1.45" 128x128 Color TFT LCD demonstrating quick updates
Product Page: CFAF128128B0145T

PSoC 4 SPI image demonstration
1.45" 128x128 with PSoC 4 SPI image demonstration
Product Page: CFAF128128B0145T

Tiny OLED Display
An informational video that shows this tiny OLED in action as well as its display specifications.
Product Page: CFAL12832DB

480x128 3.9" Bar-Type TFT Demonstration
A quick demonstration of our bar-type TFT display.
Product Page: CFAF480128A0039TN

3-inch 240x400, Full-Color, IPS TFT Demo
Demo of our 3" 240x400, Full-Color, IPS TFT display with a capacitive touch-screen
Product Page: CFAF240400C0030SC

HDMI Raspberry PI Display
Here's a quick demonstration of our 7 inch HDMI Raspberry PI Display
Product Page: CFAM1024600A0070R

Driving a Hi-Def TFT with Arduino SPI + FTDI EVE
In this video, we're demonstrating driving a 800x480 5" TFT with an Seeeduino (Arduino UNO Clone with 3.3v / 5v switch) and the help of our CFA10100 EVE accelerated board.
Product Page: CFAF800480E0050SCA11

Arduino EVE FT813 Demos
We're demonstrating our 800x480 5" Capacitive Touchscreen TFT powered with an Seeeduino/Arduino UNO clone, using the FTDI EVE.
Product Page: CFAF800480E0050SCA11

Graphic LCD Demonstration
Demonstration video.
Product Page: CFAG240128LSTITZ

S1D13700 LCD Demo
Demonstration of the CFAG320240CX series of graphical LCD with the S1D13700 controller.
Product Page: CFAG320240CXTTIT

Graphic LCD Demonstration
Demonstration of the graphical lcd with the Toshiba T6963 controller. Monochrome STN display
Product Page: CFAG128128ATMITZ

128x56 Transparent OLED Display
Awesome little transparent OLED display. Its a 128x56 pixels and 1.51 inch diagonal. Super-bright, monochrome (light blue). We powered it up with a Seeeduino for this demonstration.
Product Page: CFAL12856A00151B

3.5" White on Blue Graphic LCD
A video demonstration of the CFAG128128A1-TMI-TZ graphic LCD display module
Product Page: CFAG128128A1TMITZ

High Density 240x240 1.3" TFT LCD
This is a quick video showing our new 1.3 inch TFT LCD. This is a small, full-color TFT. It's controlled via 4-wire SPI. It has a ST7789H2 controller. This display runs off a single 3.3v supply which controls the logic and backlight.
Product Page: CFAF240240A1013T

128x96 Full-Color Graphic OLED
This is a quick product demonstration of our 128x96 full-color OLED display. We're demonstrating this little OLED on a Seeeduino 4.2.
Product Page: CFAL12896A00127F

Seeeduino / Arduino I2C CFA634 LCD with Menus and Bar Graphs
This is a video showing our venerable CFA-634 20x4 serial LCD in I2C mode, being driven by a Seeeduino v4.2 at 5v (Arduino Uno could be used too).
Product Page: CFA634TFHKS

1.3" TFT with PSoC6 BLE Pioneer Kit DMA SPI
Crystalfontz CFAF240240A1-013T IPS wearable TFT with PSoC6 BLE Pioneer Kit DMA SPI
Product Page: CFAF240240A1013T

Waterproof OLED Display?
Ever wonder what will happen if you submerge an OLED display in water? Well we tried it, we also tried coating the components with various sealants to see if we can help protect them in high humidity, or high-water level scenarios.
Product Page: CFAL6448A066BW

Transparent OLED Breakout Board
Get up and running quickly with our Breakout board specifically designed for this transparent OLED.
Product Page: CFAL12856A00151B

2.4 inch IPS TFT Arduino Demonstration
This is a 2.4" IPS TFT designed for embedded systems. This wide viewing angle IPS display can be used in any orientation--landscape or portrait. The backlight is 850 nits (cd/m2) so it can be used in most lighting conditions.
Product Page: CFAF240320A0024SN

Capacitive multi-touch Arduino Demonstration
This is a Capacitive Touch 2.4" IPS TFT designed for embedded systems. This wide viewing angle IPS display can be used in any orientation--landscape or portrait. The backlight is 730 nits (cd/m2) so it can be used in most lighting conditions.
Product Page: CFAF240320A0024SC

480x128 EVE Bar-Type Touchscreen TFT
Quick demonstration of our EVE Bar-Type touchscreen display.
Product Page: CFAF480128A0039TCA11

96x64 Small Full-Color Graphic OLED Demonstration
Here's a small video demonstration of this display in action.
Product Page: CFAL9664BFB1

Wiring Instructions
This video shows you how to wire this breakout board to an Arduinoo or Seeeduino.
Product Page: CFA10105

4 inch 480x480 IPS TFT LCD
See our demonstration of our 4 inch IPS TFT LCD
Product Page: CFAF480480A0040TC

64x128 InCell Touchscreen
64x128 InCell Touchscreen Monochrome OLED Display
Product Page: CFAL64128B00096BWC

1.71" In-Cell Touchscreen Monochrome OLED Display
Touchscreen functionality demonstration
Product Page: CFAL32128A00171BWC

480x480 IPS TFT Display Module

Product Page: CFAF480480A0040TN

2.7 inch Graphic OLED Display
Demonstration of our white 2.7 inch graphic OLED display.
Product Page: CFAL12864KW

See this sunlight readable TFT in action.
Demonstration of our 5-inch Sunlight readable IPS resistive touchscreen display
Product Page: CFAF800480E1050SR

3.9" Bar-Type FTDI EVE TFT Display
Video demonstration of our 3.9" Bar-Type FTDI EVE TFT Display.
Product Page: CFAF480128A0039TNA11

2 inch TFT Display Module
A quick visual demonstration of our 2 inch TFT display module that uses the Sitronix ST7775R controller and 8-bit parallel interface.
Product Page: CFAF176220U020T

5-inch Raspberry PI Display Demo
Chekout this video demonstration of our 5 inch raspberry PI MIPI DSI TFT Display
Product Page: CFAM800480B0050TC

2.4" EVE Powered Sunlight Readable TFT
Demonstration of our 2.4" EVE Powered, sunlight-readable TFT display
Product Page: CFAF240320A0024SNA11

5 Inch Sunlight Readable TFT Demo
See this touchscreen TFT display module in action.
Product Page: CFAF800480E2050SC

Drive Bay Installation
See how to install and configure a CFA533 Drive Bay Kit.
Product Page: DB533BK

Small Low Power Transflective LCD
Check out this small, low power transflective LCD display. Available in many options including with and without a backlight, breakout board, or a complete development kit.
Product Page: CFAG12864T3TFHE12

2.2" Low Power + Sunlight Readable LCD Module
See the different features and options available with this 128x64 Low power transflective LCD display.
Product Page: CFAG12864U3NFH

128x64 Backlit Transflective LCD Module
128x64 Backlit + Transflective LCD Display module.
Product Page: CFAG12864U3TFHE11

Breakout Board Demo Video
Video showing the different displays available to use with this breakout board
Product Page: CFA10110

1.54" Graphic Yellow Monochrome OLED
Here is a demonstration of the crystalfontz 128x64 graphic yellow monochrome OLED display
Product Page: CFAL12864D10154MY

4.7" Monochrome Graphic LCD Video Demo
Watch this video to see how this display looks in typical lighting and viewing angles.
Product Page: CFAG160128E1STITZ

4.2 Inch ePaper Demo
See how this ePaper looks and works.
Product Page: CFAP400300B10420

2.13" ePaper demonstration video
See this ePaper in action.
Product Page: CFAP122250A20213

MicroSD Breakout Board
Details about the Crystalfontz MicroSD Breakout board.
Product Page: CFA10112

In-Cell Touchsreen OLED Modules
Demonstration of our various in-cell touchscreen OLED display modules
Product Page: CFAL64128B00096WCE12

ESP32 Video over SPI
Demonstration of this display playing video over the SPI interface using an ESP32 Microprocessor.
Product Page: CFAF240240A1013T

7 inch EVE integrated TFT Demo
See this 7 inch 1024x600 EVE Powered Touchscreen display in action by watching this short demonstration video.
Product Page: CFAF1024600B0070SCA12

16x2 Yellow on Black Character OLED Display
See a quick demonstration of this character OLED display in action.
Product Page: CFAL1602H0Y

128x64 Graphic LCD demonstration
See how this graphic LCD display looks in this video demonstration.
Product Page: CFAG12864Q1TFH

2.5-inch White on Blue 128x128 Monochrome LCD Display
Video demonstration of this 2.5-inch graphic LCD display.
Product Page: CFAG128128I1TMIVZ

3.5" IPS TFT Displays
A quick video demonstration of the 3 different 3.5-inch Sunlight readable IPS TFT displays.
Product Page: CFAF320240H0035SC

OLED Development Kits
See how easy it is to get up and running with our OLED development kits.
Product Page: CFAL12832C0091BWE12

3.9" Wide Aspect Capacitive Touchscreen TFT
Watch a video demonstration of this display.
Product Page: CFAF480128A1039TC

3-inch Touchscreen EVE TFT
Demonstration of this 3-inch touchscreen EVE Powered TFT Display
Product Page: CFA240400E1030TCKIT

240x128 High Density Graphic LCD
Video demonstration of our 2.2-inch, 240x128 high-density graphic LCD display module
Product Page: CFAG240128U0TFH

3.5" 480x640 Sunlight Readable TFT Video Demo
Here's a video demonstration of this Blanview TFT display in action.
Product Page: CFAF480640D1035BN

Super cool 3" 240x400 TFT Display Demo Video
Video demonstration of our 3-inch 240x400 EVE-powered TFT.
Product Page: CFA240400E1030TN

How to make this LCD Transparent
A video demonstration on how to make this lcd display module transparent.
Product Page: CFAG4265A0TFKE11

128x64 Graphic LCD Video Demonstration
See all the features and optics of this 128x64 graphic LCD display
Product Page: CFAG12864D1YYHTZ

Video Demo of 720x1280 MIPI DSI Display
See this display in action, with full-color, IPS and a high density 720x1280 pixel 5-inch screen.
Product Page: CFAF7201280A0050TN

2.2 Inch LCD Development Kits
Video demonstration of our 2.2 inch LCD Development kits.
Product Page: CFAG240128U0NFHE12

320x480 3.5" Resistive Touchscreen Video Demo
See how this resistive 3.5-inch resistive touchscreen TFT display looks in this video demonstration.
Product Page: CFAF320480C7035TR

122x32 Transflective Graphic LCD Demonstration Video
See how this transflective graphic display looks in this quick demonstration video.
Product Page: CFAG12232D1YYHVJ

4.3 inch TFT LCD Display Demonstration
Watch this 4.3-inch TFT LCD Display demonstration video to see how this display looks.
Product Page: CFAF800480H0043SN

200x200 ePaper Video Demonstration
Watch this video to see how this ePaper display looks and operates.
Product Page: CFAP200200A50154

3.5-Inch 320x480 TFT Display Module
Watch this video demonstration of our 320x480 TFT Display module and see how it looks and feels.
Product Page: CFAF320480C7035TN

4.3 - inch TFT Display Module Demonstration
Watch this video to see these 480x272 4.3-inch TFT displays in action.
Product Page: CFAF480272H0043SR

5" 720x1280 TFT Display Module Demo
See this super sharp, high-density MIPI DSI TFT Display module in action, with its wide viewing angles and amazing resolution.
Product Page: CFAF7201280A0050TC

4 USB-C Cable Variations
See our new selection of USB-C cables.
Product Page: WRUSBY60

Flexible ePaper Display Video Demo
See this flexible ePaper display in action.
Product Page: CFAP104212D10213

5-Inch EVE Powered TFT LCD Video Demo
See all 4 versions of this 5-inch EVE powered TFT LCD display module in action.
Product Page: CFA800480E3050SC

2" 240x320 Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Demo
See this series of sunlight-readable 2-inch TFT displays in action.
Product Page: CFAF240320D0020FR

3.5-Inch Full Color TFT Display Demonstration Video
See this full-color Capacitive touchscreen TFT LCD video demonstration.
Product Page: CFAF320480C7035TC

5 Reasons to Consider a 40x4 Character Display
Video demonstration that gives you five good reasons to use a 40x4 character display in your next project or product.
Product Page: CFAH4004A1TMIJT

Tiny Full-Color TFT Video Demo
See these super tiny TFT displays in action.
Product Page: CFAF80160A00096TN

Transparent LCD Display Demo
Video demonstration of our 2 transparent LCD modules.
Product Page: CFAG12864U4NFI

40x4 Character Sunlight Readable Video Demo
See this 40x4 character LCD in action in this video made to showcase all it has to offer.
Product Page: CFAH4004A1YYHJT

2.8" 240x320 IPS TFT Displays
See this series of 2.8" IPS TFT displays in action.
Product Page: CFAF240320J0028TN

122x32 Sunlight Readable Graphic LCD Demo Video
See this transflective graphic LCD perform in a standard, indoor lighting situation.
Product Page: CFAG12232D1NYGVJ

2.4-inch Resistive Touchscreen Video Demonstration
See this small 2.4-inch TFT with a resistive touchscreen in action.
Product Page: CFAF240320A0024SR

CM4 Compatibe 720x1280 Demo
See these CM4-compatible display modules in action.
Product Page: CFA050A0PIMBNT

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