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    Part Change Notice #10365: End of Life announcement: CFA635 family of Intelligent Modules.

    Date Issued: October 6, 2011
    Summary: End of Life announcement: CFA635 family of Intelligent Modules.
    Last revision: HW: v1.1, FW: v1.6

    Effective 2012-03-19:

    The CFA635 family of modules is no longer End of Life and is recommended for new designs.

    For a hardware changes please see PCN #10405

    For a firmware changes please see PCN #10406

    Effective immediately, Crystalfontz America, Inc is announcing the End of Life (EOL) for the CFA635 family of modules.

    The CFA635 is a character based intelligent LCD module built around a Cypress PSoCĀ® micro-controller and a Samsung S6A0073 LCD controller. Samsung announced the EOL of the S6A0073 at the end of 2007. After the announcement, Crystalfontz America, Inc began designing a replacement module and planned for continuing to manufacture and support the CFA635 family until a compatible replacement module was designed and available.

    REVISED: 2011-12-15
    REVISED: 2012-03-19
    Reason: As part of our continuous improvement process, the engineering services group at Crystalfontz America Inc. is announcing the End of Life (EOL) to our CFA635 family of modules. This end of life is scheduled to take place at the end of 2012 Q2.

    The CFA635 is being replaced with the first of a new generation of intelligent modules from Crystalfontz America, Inc. This new module is the CFA735 family. The CFA735 family has been primarily designed to be a replacement for the CFA635 family with a number of enhancements / improvements.
    Impact: This announcement impacts all variants, interfaces, and part numbers that currently use the CFA635 family of modules.

    The CFA635 family is not recommended for new designs.
    Recommendation: Continue to order and build with the CFA635 as required by schedules. Plan on making transition to the CFA735 family of modules when available.

    To obtain more information on the CFA635 family replacement, the CFA735 family, please send an email to support@crystalfontz.com. We will provide you the following when available:
    • preliminary datasheet

    • notification of the initial run of CFA735 modules

    • notice of any updates or changes to the CFA735

    Availability: Q4 2011:
    • Pilot run of CFA735 family available

    • CFA735 New product announcement

    Q1 2012:
    • Final shipments of CFA635 from partner factory

    Q2 2012:
    • CFA635 begins phase out and inventory draw down

    • Last CFA635 orders accepted

    • Production level shipments of CFA735 start

    Q3 2012:
    • CFA635 inventory purged

    • CFA735 fully replaces CFA635
    Price Change: There is no scheduled price change to the CFA635 family at this time. Pricing will be reviewed on a monthly basis.
    Attachment: CFA635_EOL_Notes.pdf (75KB)