This product is discontinued and has been replaced by cfTest

. We suggest the cfTest as a possible replacement.


Part Number: 631 WinTest

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  • Demonstrates features of Crystalfontz CFA631 module.
  • Allows experimenting with the LCD's command set.
  • Example data may be "copied" from the Acrobat PDF manual and "pasted" into 631_WinTest Packet Debugger.
  • Sends any "binary" code from 0 to 255.
  • "Packet Debugger" shows a record of the commands sent and received.
  • Demonstrates software techniques:
    • Send and receive packets.
    • Read fan RPM or set fan power.
    • Display keystrokes.
    • Set LCD contents.
  • Supports speed of 19200 and 115200 baud.
  • Software is supported under 32-bit Windows.
  • 631_WinTest.exe runs directly: no install and you can just delete it when you are done.
  • Open Source C Code: use as a code base for your own custom software