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Toshiba T6963C
T6963C Dot Matrix LCD Controller
Datasheet Version: 1997-04-07 Download: T6963C_v1997-04-07.pdf

Datasheet Version: 2001-02-28 Download: T6963C_v2001-02-28.pdf

Datasheet Version: 2002-01-07 Download: T6963C_v2002-01-07.pdf

Crystalfontz display modules that use the Toshiba T6963C controller: CFAG12864G-TMI-TY, CFAG240128L-TMI-TZ, CFAG240128L-TMI-TZTS

Toshiba T6A39
T6A39 Column Driver for Dot Matrix LCD
Datasheet Version: 1997-04-07 Download: T6A39_v1997-04-07.pdf

Toshiba T6A40
T6A40 Row Driver for Dot Matrix LCD
Datasheet Version: 1999-09-29 Download: T6A40_v1999-09-29.pdf

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