Part Change Notice #10352: CFA533 USB and Serial firmware v1.1

Products Affected: CFA533-YYH-KS, CFA533-YYH-KU, CFA533-TMI-KS, CFA533-TMI-KU, CFA533-YYH-KL, CFA533-TMI-KL, CFA533-TFH-KU, CFA533-TFH-KS, CFA533-TFH-KL
Date Issued: August 2, 2011
Summary: CFA533 USB and Serial firmware v1.1
Last revision: v1.0
Description: With the release of CFA533 v1.1 hardware, PCN 10351 the firmware for the Serial - KL and KS suffix, and USB - KU suffix interface modules is being revised to v1.1. The following changes are being implemented in this release:

Bug fixes:

  1. Command 11 - Cursor movement and control

  2. Command 20 - DOW command input correction for data size limits

  3. Command 9 - Improved data input checking

  4. Command 10 - Corrected response from controller for line 1 of DDRAM


  1. Command 28, data[1] - ATX power functionality pulse width variable effects power on, power off, and reset pulses.

  2. Command 28, data[1] - ATX power functionality pulse width option of 255 to hold pulse low until +5v state changes.

  3. Command 28 - ATX power functionality power off feature is more compatible with well power managed systems. This is a passive feature and not configurable.

  4. Baud rate for serial interface is now more accurate across the module's range of operating voltages.

CFA533 v1.1 firmware will only ship on CFA533 v1.1 hardware.
Reason: As part of our continuous improvement process, the CFA533 family is being revised to firmware v1.1. This was done based on customer feedback to improve the functionality and reliability of the CFA533 family.
Impact: The changes in the CFA533 v1.1 firmware should be a drop in replacement in most applications.

The exception will be if a data[1] of 255 was used with Command 28 when setting up the module. This value will not longer be an 8 second pulse, but conform to the new functionality.
Recommendation: Participate in discounted pricing for first run CFA533 v1.1 hardware /firmware based modules through September 30, 2011.

  1. First run CFA533 v1.1 hardware based modules with v1.1 firmware, and datasheet will be available for customer qualification / in-house approval on August 8, 2011 through September 30, 2011 for a maximum quantity of three at the currently published 50 piece price.

  2. Volume shipment end of Q3 2011

  3. Shipments of v1.0 hardware with v1.0 firmware will continue until inventory levels exhausted.

  4. Full transition to v1.1 hardware and firmware expected by end of Q4 2011.

Price Change: No price change is scheduled at this time. Pricing will be reviewed Q1 2012.