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    Part Change Notice #10307: Update CFA632 series to firmware v2.2 and wide temperature LCD.

    Products Affected: CFA632-YMC-KS, CFA632-NFA-KS, CFA632-YFB-KU, CFA632-YMC-KU, CFA632-NFA-KU, CFA632-NFG-KS, CFA632-YFH-KS, CFA632-YDI-KS, CFA632-NFG-KU, CFA632-YFH-KU, CFA632-YDI-KU
    Date Issued: January 10, 2011
    Summary: Update CFA632 series to firmware v2.2 and wide temperature LCD.
    Last revision: Hardware v2.2, Firmware v2.0
    Description: In a continuation of product improvement the CFA632 series has the following improvements:
    1. Wide temperature support with -20°C to +70°C operation / -30°C to +80°C storage

    2. The bezel changed from black painted metal to stainless steel. Stainless steel has lower environmental impact and improves ESD protection. If your design has the bezel exposed, it will show the silver color of the stainless steel rather than the previous painted black bezel.

    3. The previous CFA632-YMC-KS and CFA632-YMC-KU (new CFA632-YDI-KS and CFA632-YDI-KU) changed from STN to double negative (FFSTN) LCD for improved appearance.

    4. Firmware revision to match hardware revision and is now displayed on the boot screen

    Reason: Improvements in design allow for better manufacturing, ESD protection, and appearance.
    Impact: The new version is designed to be Fit, Form, and Function compatible with previous versions of the CFA632 series. Semi-Custom and Defined Parts will have updated part numbers.
    Recommendation: Engineering samples should be available by the end of Quarter 1, 2011. Please send an email to support@crystalfontz.com to work with our engineering and support team to assist you with the migration.
    Availability: Volume availability Second Quarter 2011.
    Price Change: No price change at this time
    Attachment: 632_Wide_Temp_PCN.pdf (244KB)
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