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    Part Change Notice #10452: New v3.3 hardware version for CFA632 family of modules.

    Products Affected: CFA632-NFG-KS, CFA632-YFH-KS, CFA632-YDI-KS, CFA632-NFG-KU, CFA632-YFH-KU, CFA632-YDI-KU
    Date Issued: February 5, 2013
    Summary: New v3.3 hardware version for CFA632 family of modules.
    Last revision: HW v2.4
    Description: As part of our continuous improvement process, the CFA632 family of modules has been redesigned to fall more in line with our other Value Add families of intelligent modules.

    The module is keeping the same dimensions, mounting points, and existing header locations.

    - LCD controller is changing from Samsung S6A0073 to Rockworks RW1067
    - Holtek HT48R30 is being replaced by Cypress PSoC CY8C27443
    - USB interface integrated on PCB using FTDI FT232RL
    - PCB layout changed to accommodate new LCD controller, new microcontroller, integrated USB interfaces
    - The following hardware functionality has been migrated to firmware control;
    - - Interface selection
    - - Data normal / Inverted
    - - Splash screen control
    - - Baud rate

    * Specifications are subject to change
    Reason: Samsung S6A0073 LCD controller is EOL. Module has been redesigned to incorporate the Rockworks RW1067. The Holtek HT48R30 one-time-programmable controller replaced with the Cypress PSoC CY8C27443 for improved functionality.
    Impact: This new hardware version is designed to be as fit and form compatible as possible with the current shipping hardware. There are major changes to the PCB layout due to the re-design of the CFA632 family.

    Existing header locations and mounting points are renaming the same.

    Additional header locations have been added for programming the PSoC and future functionality.
    Recommendation: Engineering samples should be available Quarter 3, 2013. Please send an email to support@crystalfontz.com to work with our engineering and support team to assist you with the migration.
    Availability: Q3 2013 - Samples available
    End of Q3 / Beginning Q4 2013 - Transition to new version when previous version is exhausted
    Q1 2014 - All CFA632 shipments new hardware
    Price Change: We are anticipating an increase in pricing.
    New pricing is TBD
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