The CFA632 can use any of SIX interfaces on any modules in the family by simply changing the interface selection using a command setting and making the appropriate jumper configurations. The interfaces are:


   Large easy-to-read LCD in a compact size can display 16 characters x 2 lines. Overall module size is 108.00 mm width x 42.00 mm height x 19.90 mm depth (4.25" x 1.65" x 0.78"). Character height is 7.30 mm (0.29").

   Optional PC CDROM mounting bracket with three choices of overlay for a single bay is available. Mounting dimensions are 5.25" (W) x 1" (H).

   The CFA632 family has two colors choices:

  1.        CFA632-YDI-Kx: Yellow-green array LED backlight with negative FFSTN transmissive mode LCD. Displays yellow-green characters on a dark (near-black) background. The display can be read in normal office lighting andin dark areas. May be difficult to read in direct sunlight.
  3.        CFA632-YFH-Kx: Yellow-green array LED backlight with positive FSTN transflective mode LCD. Displays dark(near-black) characters on yellow-green background. The display can be read in normal office lighting, in dark areas, and in bright sunlight.


   Use any of six interfaces on any module in the CFA632 family by simply changing the interface selection in a command and using the appropriate jumper configurations.

   The displays have a 6 o’clock viewing angle (polarizer viewing direction)

   Adjustable contrast. The module’s default contrast value will be acceptable for many applications. If necessary, you can adjust the contrast by using control command.

   The modules have a RockWorks RW1067 controller.

   Robust packet based communications protocol with 16-bit CRC.

   Extended voltage (9-15 volts for interfaces using DB9 connector) and 5 volts power inputs standard for the controller. Backlight is 5 volts only.

   Use the nonvolatile memory capability (EEPROM) to customize the “power-on” display settings.

   Wide temperature range for operation is -20°C to +70°C.

   RoHS compliant. You can download the Certificate of Compliance for ISO, RoHS, and REACH from the Doc/Files tab on the part number’s website page.

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