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Winstar Display

Winstar Display WS0010
WS0010 IC Specification
Datasheet Version: B Download: WS0010_vB.pdf

Crystalfontz display modules that use the Winstar Display WS0010 controller: CFAL0802A-Y, CFAL1202A-Y, CFAL1602C-G, CFAL1602C-GT, CFAL1602C-PW, CFAL1602C-PY, CFAL1602C-PYT, CFAL1602C-W, CFAL1602C-Y, CFAL1602C-YT, CFAL1602L0-Y, CFAL2002A-Y, CFAL2004A-Y, CFAL5016A-PY, CFAL5016A-Y,

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