In order to keep this display in production over the long term, we are revising it to the CFAG4265A0-TFK-E1-1. Any backorders placed now will be fulfilled with the new part when it becomes available. Please contact sales with any questions.

42 x 65 Graphic LCD with Carrier Board

Part Number: CFAO4265A-TFK-CB


Streamline your development with this CFAO4265A-TFK display module mounted to a CFAB-10004 carrier board. The carrier board has the current-controlled, switching LED driver, including SPI control of the LED brightness. All external components for panel voltage generation are included.

  • COG (Chip-On-Glass) display module is mounted on the carrier board with the ZIF connector, the adhesive protection liner is removed, and backlight connections are already soldered.
  • By itself, the carrier board weighs 4 grams.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Crystalfontz America, Incorporated is ISO certified


Physical Characteristics

Weight 7.9g

Optical Characteristics


Interface SPI

Part Change Notice

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Part Change Notice #10648: Controller change from ST7565P to ST7565R

Products Affected: CFAO4265A-TFK, CFAO4265A-TTL, CFAO4265A-TFK-CB, CFAO4265A-TTL-CB
Date Issued: March 25, 2015
Summary: Controller change from ST7565P to ST7565R
Description: As part of our continuous improvement, the controller on the CFAO4265A display modules is changing from the Sitronix ST7565P to the ST7565R.

Sitronix ST7565P controller datasheet:

Sitronix ST7565R controller datasheet:
Reason: Improved manufacturability, component availability, and lower cost.
Impact: This change effects all CFAO4265A parts. Testing has shown functional compatibility between the ST7565P and ST7565R.
There are no physical changes to the display.
Recommendation: It is recommended to obtain test units prior to implementing new parts in production volumes.
Availability: Inventory with ST765R controller will be available late Q2 / Early Q3 2015.
Price Change: Lower manufacturing costs are reflected in lower product pricing.

Product Update #10646: (New Product) CFAO4265A-TFK-CB

New Product: CFAO4265A-TFK-CB
Date Issued: March 3, 2015
Summary: (New Product) CFAO4265A-TFK-CB
Description: Miscellaneous: CFA-10004 carrier board plus CFAO4265A-TFK display.

Product Update #10375: New Product in Miscellaneous: CFAO4265A-TFK-CB

New Product: CFAO4265A-TFK-CB
Date Issued: November 8, 2011
Summary: New Product in Miscellaneous: CFAO4265A-TFK-CB
Description: CFAB-10004 carrier board plus CFAO4265A-TFK display.