This product is discontinued and has been replaced by CrystalControl2 (CC2)


Part Number: CrystalControl1

CrystalControl is freeware software produced by Crystalfontz to be used with Crystalfontz Intelligent Serial and USB LCD displays: 631 (display only), 632, 633 (display only) and 634.

This software allows the display of many types of information on an LCD display in a very configurable way.

Some of the available information for display includes:

  • Motherboard monitor information
  • Winamp track information/times
  • MS-Windows performance monitoring information
  • Date/Times and PC Uptimes
  • Windows memory/disk usage
  • Email monitoring
  • Game server statistics support

Main Features:

  • Full support for Crystalfontz Intelligent Serial and USB LCD displays
  • "SimLCD" allows you to preview the program without any physical LCD connected.
  • Simple and easy install. One download, no drivers required.
  • Extremely configurable information screens
  • Supports multiple LCD displays at the same time
  • Variable information update rates
  • Save and Load screen configurations
  • Supports Windows 95/98/ME, NT4/2000/XP

Technical Support:

  • Full support is provided in our forum for using CrystalControl with the Crystalfontz Intelligent Serial and USB LCD displays (631, 632, 633 and 634).
  • No telephone support is available for this free software.
  • The software is provided on an as-is basis. Please use the "SimLCD" to evaluate the software and determine its usefulness for your application.
  • CFAH* / HD44780 LCDs connected to the PC's parallel port are supported by the CrystalControl software. However we do not recommend this method as an end solution, and there is NO technical support provided by Crystalfontz for this connection method.