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    Part Change Notice #10351: CFA533 family hardware revision v1.1

    Products Affected: CFA533-YYH-KS, CFA533-YYH-KU, CFA533-TMI-KS, CFA533-TMI-KU, CFA533-YYH-KL, CFA533-TMI-KL, CFA533-YYH-KC, CFA533-TMI-KC, CFA533-YYH-KI, CFA533-TFH-KU, CFA533-TFH-KS, CFA533-TFH-KL, CFA533-TFH-KC
    Date Issued: August 2, 2011
    Summary: CFA533 family hardware revision v1.1
    Last revision: v1.0
    Description: The CFA533 v1.1 hardware changes are as follows:

    1. New inductor package for backlight control circuit. This is being done to improve the manufacturabilty of the CFA533.

    2. Addition of JPGPIO1. This jumper will be closed by default and bypasses a 5KΩ pull-up resistor that is in line with GPIO[1] to the micro-controller.

    3. Improved Yellow-green backlight for the YYH variants. The backlight now has a total of 10 yellow-green LEDs instead of 6. This improves the visual quality and appearance of the LCD backlight. Typical weight will increase to 43g, from 41g for the CFA533 YYH variants.

    Reason: As part of our continuous improvement process, the CFA533 family is being revised to hardware v1.1. This was done based on customer feedback to improve the functionality and appearance of the CFA533 family.
    Impact: Hardware v1.1 should be a drop in replacement for most applications. No form or fit changes have been implemented.

    The exception may be with the YYH variants. Due to the increased number of yellow-green LEDs in the LCD backlight, the current profile of these variants has increased.
    Recommendation: Participate in discounted pricing for first run CFA533 v1.1 hardware based modules through September 30, 2011.

    1. First run CFA533 v1.1 hardware based modules and datasheet will be available for customer qualification / in-house approval on August 8, 2011 through September 30, 2011 for a maximum quantity of three at the currently published 50 piece price.

    2. Volume shipment end of Q3 2011

    3. Shipments of v1.0 hardware will continue until inventory levels exhausted.

    4. Full transition to v1.1 hardware expected by end of Q4 2011.

    Price Change: No price change is scheduled at this time. Pricing will be reviewed Q1 2012.
    Attachment: CFA533_1-1_HW_PCN.pdf (828KB)
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