Arduino ePaper Kits

Need an ePaper for Arduino? All of our ePaper displays can be brought up using a 3.3v Arduino. We use the Seeeduino platform since it's 3.3v-5v Switchable. Add a CFA10084 ePaper Adapter Board to any of our ePaper display modules to quickly integrate with your Arduino. We provide complete Arduino demo sketches that contain all the initialization for the ePaper screens. We use SPI interface to communicate between the Arduino and the ePaper display.

Arduino ePaper Development Kits

Complete ePaper Arduino Kits

128x296 ePaper Dev Kit
  • Part #: CFAP128296E0E22

ePaper Displays with ePaper Adapter Board Only

These kits consist of one of our ePaper displays and a connected ePaper Adapter Board