Arduino ePaper Kits

Need an ePaper for Arduino? All of our ePaper displays can be brought up using a 3.3v Ardiuno. We use the Seeeduino platform since it's 3.3v-5v Switchable. Add a CFA10084 ePaper Adapter Board, any of our ePaper display modules. We provide Arduino demo sketches that containt all the initialization for the screens. We use a SPI interface to communicate between the Arduino and the ePaper display.

Arduino ePaper Development Kits

Complete ePaper Arduino Kits

128x296 ePaper Dev Kit
  • Part #: CFAP128296E0E22

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ePaper Displays with ePaper Adapter Board Only

These kits consist of one of our ePaper displays and a connected ePaper Adapter Board