Part Change Notice #10428: CFA631 family Firmware version 3v1

Products Affected: CFA631-RMF-KU, CFA631-TMF-KU
Date Issued: August 3, 2012
Summary: CFA631 family Firmware version 3v1
Last revision: v2.1
Description: The CFA631 family of modules is being revised to support a new LCD controller chip, the Rockworks RW1067. The changes to the CFA631 3v1 firmware are as follows.

For hardware changes, please see PCN #10427.

Command 1 (0x01): Get Hardware & Firmware Version
Modules with the USB interface, -KU suffix, will report: CFA631:h2v4,u3v1

Command 12 (0x0C): Set LCD Cursor Style
Option 4 = inverting, blinking block is no longer supported. This option will result in a blinking underscore.

Command 22 (0x16): Send Command Directly to the LCD Controller
Any command sent specifically to the Samsung S6A0073 will need to be reviewed / modified for the commands / registers of the Rockworks RW1067. Please contact the Crystalfontz Engineering Support Team at for the RW1067 datasheet.

Command 28 (0x1C): Set ATX Power Switch Functionality
Added auto polarity switch.
Improved pulse length functionality.
Added feature to hold until system off during power down.

Updates to timings and sequence of Serial interface power up to prevent possible corruption of data displayed
Reason: The Samsung S6A0073 LCD controller used was scheduled as End of Life. This EOL affected a number of intelligent modules from Crystalfontz America, Inc. The replacement RW1067 LCD controller was developed as a replacement for the Samsung S6A0073 LCD controller for Crystalfontz America, Inc by Rockworks (China).
Impact: This announcement impacts all variants, interfaces, and part numbers that currently use the CFA631 family of modules. The CFA631 can continue to be used in current and future designs.
Recommendation: Continue to order and build with the CFA631 as required by production schedules. Transition to the CFA631 h2v4 hardware and supporting firmware should be a seamless process. Engineering samples for qualification for the revised CFA631 are scheduled to be available Q3 of 2012.

Please contact our logistics team for engineering samples

For engineering and support questions, please contact our engineering support team at
Availability: Q3 2012
Review / Update customer Defined Part custom firmware

Q3 2012
New hardware and supporting firmware available for engineering samples

Estimated - Begin transition to h2v4 hardware as v2.1 hardware inventory is depleted

NOTE: We will not ship production orders of 3v0 hardware until the v2.1 inventory is depleted

Q4 2012
Estimated - CFA631 v2.1 hardware to be exhausted, transition to CFA631 h2v4 hardware / u3v1 firmware complete.
Price Change: 2012-08-03
No scheduled price change at this time.