Part Number: CFA835 Utilities

This bundle contains the three CFA835 Windows utilities described below

CFA835 Font Editor ‒ The CFA835 Font Editor converts any windows font into the CFA835 font format. The editor creates CFA835 compatible custom font files using fonts available on the your PC. When the font file is loaded onto a microSD card inserted into the CFA835 card socket, the module can write custom font text to the display. The font converter and CFA835 support UTF8 and UTF16 (Unicode) fonts, allowing non-English (for example, Cyrillic, Asian, symbolic, etc.) font files to be created and displayed. Many font size, type, spacing, and other options are available.

CFA835 Video Encoder ‒ The Video Encoder converts common video format files into a video file that the CFA835 can play to the display. The video conversion uses MPlayer (a GNU-GPLv2 licensed open-source software) to create many single image files from the source video, and then reassembles the image files into a CFA835 video file. Processing time depends on the source video file.

CFA835 Graphic Test ‒ This demonstration shows some of the graphical capabilities of the CFA835 by rendering an animated logo, clock,histogram, and scrolling text. Source code (C++, Qt 4.8 and created in QtCreator 2.5) is included in the utilities package.

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