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480x640 3.5" RGB Color TFT LCD

Part Number: CFAF480640A-035T

The CFAF480640A-035T with transflective polarizer is a 3.5" sunlight readable, 480xRGBx640 / 640x480xRGB, 262K color, active matrix TFT. It has 6 bright white series LEDs for great visibility in low light conditions, while the transflective polarizer allows great visibility in direct sunlight. It uses the latest in AIFF/MVA technology so the image has high contrast and a wide viewing angle. This 640x480 TFT display is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

With an active area of 53.57x71.42mm and a resolution of 640 x 480 (landscape) or 480 x 640 (portrait) pixels, this display has a very high pixel density. The controller in this sunlight readable TFT display is the Himax HX8363-A controller. which uses the standard RGB+SPI interface so you won't run into any trouble getting the display up and running. The logic voltage range of 2.3v to 3.3v was selected to allow direct connection to 3.3v processors.

The 6 white LED series backlight (~19.2v) will typically require a current-controlled boost LED driver. The series LED configuration guarantees perfect current matching across the 6 LEDs. We have an example of a suitable LED driver circuit shown in the schematic of the CFA10065 breakout board. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised to see this display looking great for its expected lifetime of at least 50,000 hours -- longer if you dim or turn off the backlight when not in use.

This display is perfect for situations with changing levels of ambient light from darkness to direct sunlight. Examples include in dash or dash mounted electronics, exterior status displays, cryogenic sleep chambers, and pod bay door controllers.

  • square_foot Physical Characteristics

    Physical Characteristics

    Column Dots x Row Dots 480 x 640
    Module Overall width height depth
    millimeters 64 85.5 3.1
    inches 2.52 3.37 0.12
    Diagonal Dimension 3.5"
    Viewing Area Width Height
    millimeters 55.57 73.42
    inches 2.19 2.89
    Active Area Width Height
    millimeters 53.57 71.42
    inches 2.11 2.81
    Dot Pitch Width Height
    millimeters 0.037 0.116
    inches 0.0015 0.0046
    Weight 37g
  • visibility Optical Characteristics

    Optical Characteristics

    Glass Type TN
    Polarizer Transflective
    View Direction 12 o'clock
    Sunlight Readable Yes
    Backlight Color White
    Backlight Type LED
    Foreground Color RGB
    Background Color Dark
  • electric_bolt Electrical Specification

    Electrical Specifications

    Supply Voltage for Logic Minimum 2.3V
    Supply Voltage for Logic Maximum 3.3V
    Supply Voltage for Logic Typical 2.8V
  • electric_bolt Backlight Specification

    Backlight Electrical Specifications

    Forward Voltage Minimum 18V
    Forward Voltage Maximum 21V
    Forward Voltage Typical 19.2V
    Forward Current Typical 20mA
  • nature Enviromental


    Operating Temperatures min max
    Celsius -20° 70°
    Fahrenheit -4° 158°
    Storage Temperatures min max
    Celsius -30° 80°
    Fahrenheit -22° 176°
    Humidity min max
    Non-condensing 20% 90%
  • cable Electronics


    Controller Documents Himax HX8363-A
    480xRGBx864 dot, 16.7M color, TFT Mobile Single Chip Driver, v0.3
    Himax HX8363-A
    480xRGBx864 dot, 16.7M color, TFT Mobile Single Chip Driver, v0.3
    Interface DOT-CLK interface / Generic RGB
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  • text_snippet
    Part Change Notice #11045: End-of-Life Notification
    Product Affected: CFAF480640A-035T
    Date Issued: May 29, 2019
    Summary: End-of-Life Notification
    Description: A shortage of critical parts has forced us to set this display to End-of-Life.
    Reason: The critical parts shortage has caused minimum order quantities to be raised to unsustainable amounts. There is no guarantee that the parts will be available even with the large MOQ. Since we cannot guarantee that these parts will be available, we are setting the display status to End-of-Life
    Impact: This part will not be available once current stocks are depleted.
    Recommendation: At this time, we do not have a recommended replacement.
    Availability: Current stock only
  • text_snippet
    Product Update #10653: (New Product) CFAF480640A-035T
    New Product: CFAF480640A-035T
    Date Issued: May 5, 2015
    Summary: (New Product) CFAF480640A-035T
    Description: TFT LCD Modules: 3.5" diagonal VGA (480x640) sunlight-readable transflective TFT with white LED backlight and generic RGB+SPI interface.
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