3.5 Inch Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Display

Part Number: CFAF480640D0-035FN

This 3.5" display is transflective, meaning it both reflects light and uses a backlight making it viewable in a wide variety of lighting scenarios without needing a high-powered backlight.

This display also boasts high pixel density at 228 ppi - that means you can pack a ton of detail onto this display. Plus, with the option of using either 65k or 262k color over RGB (with SPI initialization) you'll have plenty of control over the color depth.

Further, this display offers wide viewing angles in all directions, so you don't have to worry about the angle the user will be viewing the display at.

This display really offers the best of all worlds - visible in most lighting situations, at just about any angle, and able to display a huge amount of detail - all with low power consumption.

  • Transflective (Sunlight Readable)
  • Low Power (20mA controller consumption + 20mA Backlight consumption = 40mA total)
  • RGB interface with SPI initialization
  • High pixel density with 228 pixels per inch (60" 4k tv has 73 pixels per inch; iPhone 10 has 448)
  • Wide viewing angles at 80* in all directions
  • 65k & 262k color options
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Physical Characteristics

Column Dots x Row Dots 480 x 640
Module Overall width height depth
millimeters 64 85 3.1
inches 2.520 3.346 0.122
*width / height does not include Foldable Tab
Diagonal Dimension 3.51"
Active Area width height
millimeters 71.42 53.57
inches 2.812 2.109
Dot Pitch width height
millimeters 0.1116 0.1116
inches 0.0044 0.0044
Flexible Cable (FFC/FPC) length
millimeters 23.5
inches 0.925
Weight 34g
Pin Count 40

Optical Characteristics

Glass Type TFT
Polarizer Transflective
View Angle 160°
Sunlight Readable Yes
Backlight Color White
Backlight Type LED
Foreground Color RGB
Background Color Dark

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage for Logic Minimum 2.5V
Supply Voltage for Logic Maximum 3.6V
Supply Voltage for Logic Typical 3.3V
Supply Current Maximum 40mA
Supply Current Typical 20mA

Backlight Electrical Specifications

Forward Voltage Typical 18.6V
Forward Current Minimum 15mA
Forward Current Typical 20mA


Operating Temperatures min max
Celsius -20° 70°
Fahrenheit -4° 158°
Storage Temperatures min max
Celsius -30° 80°
Fahrenheit -22° 176°


Controller Documents Himax HX8363-A
480xRGBx864 dot, 16.7M color, TFT Mobile Single Chip Driver, v0.3
Himax HX8363-A
480xRGBx864 dot, 16.7M color, TFT Mobile Single Chip Driver, v0.3
Interface 16-bit Parallel, 18-bit Parallel, DOT-CLK interface / Generic RGB, SPI


Foldable Tab Yes
For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.