This product has reached end of life

[EOL] 128x22 Graphic OLED

Part Number: CFAL12822A-Y-B

128 x 22 yellow Graphic OLED module. Not recommended for new designs. Available in small quantities only.

  • 128x22 graphic OLED display module
  • 3v logic levels
  • Extremely wide viewing angles
  • Very high contrast ratio
  • Built-in Solomon SSD1305 or compatible controller
  • 8-bit parallel interface or SPI Interface
  • RoHS Compliant
  • square_foot Physical Characteristics

    Physical Characteristics

    Column Dots x Row Dots 128 x 22
    Module Overall width height depth
    millimeters 66.5 32.25 8
    inches 2.62 1.27 0.32
    *width / height does not include Foldable Tab
    PCB Outline width height depth
    millimeters 66.5 29.35 8
    inches 2.62 1.16 0.32
    Viewing Area Width Height
    millimeters 60.85 13.85
    inches 2.40 0.55
    Active Area Width Height
    millimeters 58.85 11.85
    inches 2.32 0.47
    Dot Size Width Height
    millimeters 0.43 0.51
    inches 0.017 0.020
    Dot Pitch Width Height
    millimeters 0.46 0.54
    inches 0.018 0.021
    Weight 17g
  • visibility Optical Characteristics

    Optical Characteristics

    Glass Type OLED
    Polarizer Emissive
    Backlight Type None
    Mode Positive
    Foreground Color Yellow
    Background Color Dark
  • electric_bolt Electrical Specification

    Electrical Specifications

    Module Connector Pitch 0.10mm
  • nature Enviromental


    Operating Temperatures min max
    Celsius -20° 70°
    Fahrenheit -4° 158°
    Storage Temperatures min max
    Celsius -30° 80°
    Fahrenheit -22° 176°
    Humidity min max
    Non-condensing 0% 90%
  • cable Electronics


    Controller Documents Solomon Systech SSD1305
    SSD1305 132 x 64 Dot Matrix
    OLED/PLED Segment/Common Driver with Controller
    Interface 8-bit Parallel, SPI
  • picture_as_pdf Datasheets
    CFAL12822A-Y-B Data Sheet v2.0.pdf
    (Datasheet V 2.0, Hardware v1.1)
    CFAL12822A-Y-B v1.1.pdf
    (Datasheet V 1.1, Hardware 07.07.16)
    CFAL12822A-Y-B v1.0.pdf
    (Datasheet V A, Hardware 07.07.16)
  • download Files and Downloads
While we do not offer any direct replacements for this product, perhaps one of our many other CFAL displays will fit your needs. Feel free to contact our tech support team to get assistance in finding the right display.

Part Change Notice

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  • text_snippet
    Part Change Notice #10344: This part will soon be End of Life and no longer available. There is no cross reference or substitute part.
    Products Affected: CFAL12822A-Y-B, CFAL12864L-Y-B2, CFAL12864L-G-B2, CFAL12864L-Y-B4, CFAL12864L-G-B4, CFAL12822A-Y-B1, CFAL12864S-Y-B1, CFAL160128B-F-B2, CFAL12832C-B-B1
    Date Issued: April 21, 2011
    Summary: This part will soon be End of Life and no longer available. There is no cross reference or substitute part.
  • text_snippet
    Part Change Notice #10284: CFAL12822A series of OLED module improvements
    Products Affected: CFAL12822A-Y-B, CFAL12822A-Y-B1
    Date Issued: August 23, 2010
    Summary: CFAL12822A series of OLED module improvements
    Description: The panel has been reduced in size from 65mm x 23.5mm to 63.3mm x 20.8mm. For the CFAL12822A-Y-B1, there has been added a carrier to bring the overall dimensions to 64.8mm x 23.5mm.

    The CFAL12822A-Y-B1 now has a driving voltage of 12v instead of 14v, and the brightness has increased from 80cd/m² to 100cd/m².

    Improvements in the organic material design has also increased the efficiency of the CFAL12822A series.

    Lifetime of CFAL12822A series is increased from 10,000 hours to 50% brightness to 20,000 hours to 50% brightness.

    The shape but not length or pitch of the FPC tail on the CFAL12822A-Y-B1 module has also changed.
    Reason: Manufacturing improvements.
    Impact: In the initialization for the module, a change will need to be made for command Set Lower Column Start Address from 0x10+0 to 0x10+4.
    Price Change: N/A
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