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128x32 SPI Graphic OLED

Part Number: CFAL12832C-B-B1

128 x 32 blue graphic OLED module.

  • 128x32 graphic OLED display module
  • Very small form factor
  • Extremely wide viewing angles
  • Very high contrast ratio
  • Built-in Sino Wealth SH1101A or compatible controller
  • 8-bit parallel interface or SPI Interface
  • RoHS Compliant


Physical Characteristics

Column Dots x Row Dots 128 x 32
Module Overall width height depth
millimeters 26.9 15.26 2.25
inches 1.059 0.601 0.089
*width / height does not include Foldable Tab
Diagonal Dimension 0.91"
Viewing Area width height
millimeters 24.38 7.58
inches 0.960 0.298
Active Area width height
millimeters 22.38 5.58
inches 0.881 0.220
Dot Size width height
millimeters 0.16 0.16
inches 0.006 0.006
Dot Pitch width height
millimeters 0.18 0.18
inches 0.007 0.007
Weight 1.17g

Optical Characteristics

Glass Type OLED
Polarizer Emissive
Backlight Type None
Mode Positive
Foreground Color Blue
Background Color Dark

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage for Logic Minimum 7.5V
Supply Voltage for Logic Maximum 8.5V
Supply Voltage for Logic Typical 8V
Supply Current Maximum 37mWmA
Supply Current Typical 31mWmA
Module Connector Pitch 0.6mm


Operating Temperatures min max
Celsius -20° 70°
Fahrenheit -4° 158°
Storage Temperatures min max
Celsius -30° 80°
Fahrenheit -22° 176°
Humidity min max
Non-condensing 0% 90%


Controller Documents Sino Wealth SH1101A
132 X 64 Dot Matrix OLED/PLED
Segment/Common Driver with Controller
Interface 8-bit Parallel, SPI


Foldable Tab Yes

Part Change Notice

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Part Change Notice #10344: This part will soon be End of Life and no longer available. There is no cross reference or substitute part.

Products Affected: CFAL12822A-Y-B, CFAL12864L-Y-B2, CFAL12864L-G-B2, CFAL12864L-Y-B4, CFAL12864L-G-B4, CFAL12822A-Y-B1, CFAL12864S-Y-B1, CFAL160128B-F-B2, CFAL12832C-B-B1
Date Issued: April 21, 2011
Summary: This part will soon be End of Life and no longer available. There is no cross reference or substitute part.

Part Change Notice #10024: Datasheet changes for CFAL12832C series

Product Affected: CFAL12832C-B-B1
Date Issued: December 7, 2009
Summary: Datasheet changes for CFAL12832C series
Description: Removed all references to internal DC-DC Converter including in System Block Diagram and a DC-DC converter circuit example that cannot be used.
Wherever listed, changed references to Pin 4 from "VDD2" (VDCDC) to "NC" (No Connection). Does not apply.
Wherever listed, made a distinction between "Module Depth" maximum "2.10 mm" (includes tolerance) and nominal "2.00 mm".
In Physical Characteristics,
Changed "Aperture Rate" from "78%" to "76%".
Changed "Weight" from "1 gram (typical)" to "1.17+10% grams (typical)".
In DC Characteristics,
Changed "Logic Supply Voltage" minimum from "+2.6v" to "+2.4v".
Changed "OLED Driver Supply Voltage" from minimum "+7v" to "+7.5v" and maximum "+9.0v" to "+8.5v".
Moved "Normal Mode Power Consumption" specification from Optical Characteristics and changed typical from "32 mW" to "31 mW" and maximum from "48 mW" to "37 mW".
In Optical Characteristics, changed "Response Time" from "<1 ms" to "10μs".
For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.

Product Notes

While we do not offer any direct replacements for this product, perhaps one of our many other CFAL displays will fit your needs. Feel free to contact our tech support team to get assistance in finding the right display.