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Part Number: DMOG12864E-WGH

Our CFA10006 graphic display demonstration board with CFAG12864E-WGH-T display module installed.

The display is a critical component in every project, impacting the case, firmware, electrical design, user interface, and even battery life. For these reasons, and because it is the most visible component of your product, it must be approved by the mechanical design team, management and marketing.

Before these teams can approve, they need to see it in action. But it can take days or weeks to connect a graphic display to your platform, initialize it and build a graphic code library able to create believable demonstrations. Meanwhile, the whole project is on hold.

Our demonstration and evaluation board can solve this problem. Use it to get the display seen, demonstrated and approved for your project.

Order any of these kits with a compatible Crystalfontz graphic display and we will attach the display to the board, load a demonstration script on the SD card, and ship it to you working and ready to go. Just plug in the AC power adapter and the display is running.

You can use these demonstration boards for more than just showing off a display. Modify the miniBASIC scripts and bitmaps on the microSD card to make your own test screens and user interface mockups. This is easily done using the included microSD USB reader, any text editor (notepad will do), an image editor (MS Paint will do), and our free, open-source format conversion utility (Image2Code).

Beyond demos, these development kits also provide flexibility to and empower your engineering departments, allowing them to, for example, measure current of different portions of the circuit under operation. With the schematic, bill of materials, and PCB layout (all available for free download by anyone anytime), everything you need to know about the design is at your fingertips early in your product lifecycle.

Each demo board is preprogrammed with a microSD boot loader, which can load our "super simple" C example code, the miniBASIC interpreter, or your own application built with AVRStudio or WinAVR (both free) for this board's versatile ATMEGA2561. Use the JTAG port for more advanced programming and debugging. We have brought out all the ports to 0.1" centers. These demonstration boards are so powerful and convenient, they can be used as a base development platform for your project.

Each kit includes:

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