Choose from over 30 cables that work with our display modules, as well as with your own designs. Several are matched specifically with Crystalfontz display modules, while others can work with USB to RS232 converters, or even charge your cellphone with our standard USB-A to microUSB-B cable. We sell the cables in lengths that our engineers use the most. The cable category also includes jumper wires suitable for breadboard and prototyping use.

2mm Pitch USB LCD Cable
  • Part #: WR-USB-Y53
  • This USB cable is to connect any of our modules that use a 2mm USB header to a PCB motherboard with a 2mm header.
4-pin 2mm Pitch Micro USB Cable
  • Part #: WR-USB-Y52
  • 700mm long
  • 2mm pitch
  • 4-pin
  • Micro USB Cable
Short USB for RPi
  • Part #: WR-USB-Y46
  • Short USB cable for connecting to a Raspberry Pi.
HDMI to HDMI Converter
  • Part #: WR-EXT-Y47
  • HDMI to HDMI adapter for quick integration with a Raspberry Pi.
Serial ATX GPIO Cable
  • Part #: WR-PWR-Y45
  • This cable is 23in / 595mm long. has a WoL connector for standby voltage and a 4-pin Molex connector to allow for host Sense over GPIO[1].
12-inch 30-pin FFC
  • Part #: WR-FFC-Y51
  • 12 inch 30 pin 0.5 mm pitch flat flexible cable.
6-inch 30-pin FFC Cable
  • Part #: WR-FFC-Y50
  • 6 inch 30 pin .5 mm FFC Cable for LCDs.
36-Pin .100 inch Header for Arduino
  • Part #: CFAPN01855
  • This is a 36 pin header for mating with an Arduino or Seeeduino.
USB to Serial Converter
  • Part #: USB633
  • TTL-to-USB converter. You can connect this converter to any TTL level serial port.
Female to Female Jumper Wires
  • Part #: WR-JMP-Y41
  • 70mm Colored jumper cable (20 count).
Female to Female Jumper Wires
  • Part #: WR-JMP-Y40
  • 140mm Colored jumper cable (20 count).
USB Motherboard Cable
  • Part #: WR-USB-Y11
  • 4 single pin connectors to 2mm connector cable.
USB-A to 2mm LCD cable
  • Part #: WR-USB-Y03
  • USB A to 2mm connector cable used for connecting our advanced USB LCD display modules. In stock and ready to ship today.
2mm USB LCD Cable
  • Part #: WR-USB-Y33
  • Cable for use with our USB modules with 2mm header.
Micro USB to 4-Pin Cable
  • Part #: WR-USB-Y34
  • Interface cable for use with our CFA735 family of modules.
USB to Serial Converter Kit
  • Part #: WR-DBG-Y42
  • USB to serial converter with cables and pins
USB-A to Micro-B Cable
  • Part #: WR-USB-Y27
  • USB-A to Micro-B cable. 1.925 meters long. Perfect when you need a long USB cable to power our advanced LCD USB modules.
110 VAC Power Supply
  • Part #: CFA10040PWR
  • 110 VAC Power Supply / A typical wall-bug.
PC Power to 16-Pin Cable
  • Part #: WR-PWR-Y38
  • one meter long ATX power switch cable when you need a longer cable to reach. Perfect for rack mounted servers.
PC Power to 16 Pin Cable
  • Part #: WR-PWR-Y25
  • .27 ATX power switch cable used to connect ATX power supply to our CFA635 v1
  • CFA631 advanced LCD display module.
PC Power to 16-Pin Cable
  • Part #: WR-PWR-Y24
  • PC power supply to 16 pin connector cable.
PC 4-Pin Power Splitter Cable
  • Part #: WR-PWR-Y12
  • 4 pin hard drive to floppy connector and hard drive splitter cable.
PC Power to LCD Cable
  • Part #: WR-PWR-Y02
  • PC power supply to LED backlight power cable.
Serial ATX Power Cable
  • Part #: WR-PWR-Y14
  • .58m ATX power supply and control cable.
ATX Power Cable
  • Part #: WR-PWR-Y05
  • CFA633 to ATX power supply and control cable.
Long ATX Power Cable
  • Part #: WR-PWR-Y44
  • .58m ATX power supply and control cable.
DB9 RS232 and Power Cable
  • Part #: WR-232-Y18
  • DB9 pin Serial RS232 plus DC power connector.
DB9 Female Cable
  • Part #: WR-232-Y04
  • RS-232 DB-9 (female) to DB-9 (female) cable.
Female RS232 DB9 Serial Cable
  • Part #: WR-232-Y10
  • RS232 DB9 (female) to DB9 (female) cable.
10 Pin to DB9 Cable
  • Part #: WR-232-Y13
  • 10 pin to DB9 (male) ribbon cable with bracket to fit PC expansion slot for the CFA633
DB9 Female to DB9 Male Cable
  • Part #: WR-232-Y09
  • RS232 DB9(female) to DB9(male) cable with a bracket to fit in PC expansion slots.
DB9 Male / Female Adapter
  • Part #: WR-232-Y07
  • RS-232 DB-9 (female) to DB-9 (female) gender changer.
RS232 DB9 Female to 10-Pin Cable
  • Part #: WR-232-Y08
  • RS232 DB9 (female) to 0.1" 2x5 (female) ribbon cable.
DB9 Female to 10 Pin Serial
  • Part #: WR-232-Y23
  • DB9 to 10 pin cable used to connect a serial LCD module to a 10 pin head.
10 pin Serial Cable
  • Part #: WR-232-Y22
  • 10 pin to 10 pin cable used to connect the CFA633 to a 10 pin header.
System Cooling Accessory Board
  • Part #: SCAB
  • System Cooling Accessory Board adds temperature and fan functions to the USB CFA631 series and CFA635 series Advanced LCD Modules.
  • Part #: CFA-FBSCAB
  • Adds temperature and fan functions to CFA735 and CFA835 displays.
FBSCAB Data Cable
  • Part #: WR-EXT-Y37
  • Cable used to connect the CFA735 to the FBSCAB.
16-Pin SCAB Cable
  • Part #: WR-EXT-Y15
  • 16-pin SCAB connection cable for connecting your system cooling accessory board to our advanced USB LCD display.
16-Pin SCAB Ribbon Cable
  • Part #: WR-EXT-Y19
  • 16-pin SCAB connection cable used to connect our system cooling accessory board (SCAB) to our advanced LCD modules.
3-pin Fan Cable
  • Part #: WR-FAN-X01
  • 3-pin fan extension cable used to connect fans to the CFA631
  • CFA633 and CFA635 v1 series of advanced LCD display modules.
One-Wire Temperature Sensor
  • Part #: WR-DOW-Y17
  • DS18B20 based temperature sensor for the CFA533/633 (and CFA631/635 through a SCAB).