Get to Know Us

We are a supplier of LCD, OLED, and other display modules used in embedded systems, rack-mount servers, instrument clusters, and other devices.

We also provide a full complement of accessories, including touch screens, cables, PC mounting brackets and development / demo boards.


To provide quality Displays, Embedded Products, & Support to meet your needs.


Since we design, manufacture, and distribute, we have complete control over the quality of our product. Our manufacturing supply chain is ISO certified. We even write our own firmware and test software.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • SMT (surface mount technology electronics)
  • COB (Chip on Board)
  • COG (Chip on Glass)
  • TCP (Tape Carrier Package)
  • Embedded microcontroller development
  • Final assembly
  • Testing

Direct Distribution

Our direct distribution allows us to fill orders quickly, gives us the highest level of quality control, and lets us keep prices low.

Secure online ordering allows you to check pricing and place orders any time. To make life easy for you, we accept many different types of payment, including Paypal, credit cards, net terms, and bank wire transfers. Please see our policies for more details.

Our Logo

The double hexagon is a representation of the benzene rings that form the basis of the very complex liquid crystals. The solid block on the left represents light before entering the LCD cell. Horizontal bars on the right represent the plane-polarized light coming out of the LCD cell.