TFT LCD Displays

With over two dozen TFT LCD display modules to choose from, all of our TFT modules are full-color graphic displays. Unlike standard monochrome character displays, you can create complex images for an imaginative user experience. Thin and light, these are ideal TFT display modules for handheld devices, communications equipment, information displays, and test and measurement equipment. Thanks to the integrated controller, only a single 3.3v supply is needed for both the panel power and logic voltage.

Listed by the diagonal size of the active area (the usable area for lit pixels), our TFT display sizes range from 1.77 inches to 5 inches. Choose from six different interfaces, many of our TFT display modules have more than one interface available. Arduino fans should select TFT display modules with SPI for fast and easy communications to add color graphics to their projects.

Contrast ratio is the difference between a pixel that is lit or dark. Standard STN LCD displays typically have a 10:1 contrast ratio while TFT LCD displays are 300:1 and up, so details stand out and text looks extra sharp. For standard STN displays, you must choose a display limited to a specific viewing angle (12, 3, 6 or 9 o'clock) while TFT LCD modules can have a viewing cone greater than 160 degrees. To speed up your design time, we sell carrier boards and demonstration kits for selected TFT LCD modules. For outdoor use, be sure to look at our sunlight readable TFTs, CFAF480640A-035T and CFAF480640B-035T-TS (with touch screen).