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    Part Change Notice #10399: CFA735 family firmware 0vA

    Products Affected: CFA735-TFK-KR, CFA735-TFK-KT, CFA735-TML-KR, CFA735-TML-KT, CFA735-YYK-KR, CFA735-YYK-KT
    Date Issued: January 31, 2012
    Summary: CFA735 family firmware 0vA
    Last revision: 0v9
    Description: As part of our continuous improvement process, a new version of the CFA735 firmware is being released to address functional and performance issues.

    There is a supporting hardware revision for this firmware release. See PCN 10400.

    1. Correct Command 0x9 Data[0] to only accept 0-7 as the index for the custom characters. In 0v9 0-15 were valid but 8-15 were references to 0-7 respectively.

    2. Fix H1 Pins not functioning when used as GPIOs

    3. Fix extraneous byte received by the host when using the serial interface after a module reset. For this fix to be fully effective the module requires a 1 MΩ 0603 resistor at RC2 (which is standard in the 0vA hardware).

    Impact: All CFA735 family modules are affected with this firmware update.

    Firmware version 0vA requires supporting hardware version 0vA.
    Recommendation: All CFA735 modules that use the serial interface or GPIO lines should update to the new 0vA firmware and supporting hardware.

    If you require assistance loading the 0603 1MΩ resistor in RC2, please contact support@crystalfontz.com.
    Availability: Firmware 0vA and supporting hardware is shipping as standard release as of 2012/01/30.
    Price Change: No price change.
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