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One Inch Carrier Board

Part Number: CFA10004


This carrier board includes a current-controlled switching LED driver, which allows for SPI control of the LED brightness. All external components for panel voltage generation are included.
Need a small LCD display for this carrier board? We have a one inch LCD display that fits perfectly!
The header you need is a standard 8-pin, 0.100 inch pitch.


Physical Characteristics

PCB Outline width height depth
millimeters 23 43 1
inches 0.906 1.693 0.039
Weight 4g

Backlight Electrical Specifications

Forward Current Typical 5mA


Interface SPI

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Product Update #10890: (New Product) CFA10004

New Product: CFA10004
Date Issued: October 30, 2017
Summary: (New Product) CFA10004
Description: Development Kit / Demonstration Board: Carrier board for our one-inch graphic LCD. Contains everything you need to get started.