42x65 White on Dark Graphic LCD

Part Number: CFAO4265A-TTL

42x65 Graphic LCD – White On Dark

We designed this 42 x 65 graphic LCD display module so it fits on the face of 1-inch wide devices such as blade servers, disk drive carriers, and expansion cards. The 0.88-inch (22.40 mm) width leaves room for the metalwork and mechanical clearance. This economical COG (Chip-On-Glass) FSTN transmissive display is suitable for typical office lighting and is easy to see in dimly lit areas.

Key Features

  • 42 pixels by 65 pixels.
  • 12 o'clock viewing direction can be used in portrait or landscape mode.
  • SPI interface (4-wire Serial Peripheral Interface).
  • Sitronix ST7565R or compatible controller.
  • The FFC/FPC flexible tail is easy to connect with any standard 20 pin 0.5mm pitch ZIF connector.
  • Show off your creativity by tiling multiple displays on 1-inch centers.
  • An additional color choice in the CFAO4265A0 series is the CFAG4265A0-TFK, which has dark/ pixels on a light gray background

This display uses three long-life white LEDs for its backlight. The forward voltage is 9.6v to 10.8v. For long life, we recommend driving the backlight at 12mA. The best way to drive the backlight is to use a constant current supply. Typically a switching supply designed to control current works well. For details, see the circuit example using LED driver NCP5007 on page 23 of the CFAO4265A_Series_Data_Sheet_Release_2015-07-07.pdf ,

Streamline Development With Carrier Board

To make prototyping or small production with this display quick and easy, we offer the CFAO4265A-TTL mounted on a carrier board. The carrier board has the current-controlled, switching LED driver, including SPI control of the LED brightness. All external components for panel voltage generation are included.

CFAO4265A-TTL-CB (CFAO4265A-TTL + Carrier Board)

Need more advice to integrate a display into your design? Customers around the world know they can rely on our free technical support to be responsive and knowledgeable.

Product Variations

Dark on WhiteWhite on Dark

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10 $5.54
20 $5.35
50 $5.16
100 $5.09
200 $5.05
300 $5.01
500 $4.98
1000 * $4.95
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Components worth considering
4634 20 position, 0.50mm pitch, Gold, FCC FPC ZIF connector
Add 5 ZIF Connectors $0.89 ea.
1417 42 x 65 Graphic LCD with Carrier Board
Purchase mounted on a breakout board. $53.68 ea.
4825 20-Position ZIF Breakout Board
Add a 20-pin ZIF Breakout Board? $6.15 ea.

Part Change Notice

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  • text_snippet
    Product Update #10909: End-of-Life Notification
    Products Affected: CFAO4265A-TFK, CFAO4265A-TTL, CFAO4265A-TTL-CB
    Date Issued: December 12, 2017
    Summary: End-of-Life Notification
    Description: The parts listed have been assigned to End of Life Status.
    Reason: Critical components have been discontinued by the manufacturer.
    Impact: These parts are not recommended for new designs.
    Recommendation: The CFAO4265A-TFK has been replaced by a new design that will function as a "drop-in" replacement.
    The new part number is CFAG4265A0-TFK and can be found here:

    A new series of development kits are also available:

    Part #: CFAG4265A0-TFK-E1-1
    This is a CFAG4265A0-TFK mounted to a CFA10004 carrier board.

    Part #: CFAG4265A0-TFK-E1-2
    This is a CFAG4265A0-TFK mounted to a CFA10004 carrier board with a Seeeduino 4.2

    The CFAO4265A-TTL and CFAO4265A-TTL-CB do not have replacements.

    Availability: The new parts are available now. The CFAO4265A-TTL and CFAO4265A-TTL-CB will be available until current stocks are depleted.
    Price Change: Current prices are shown on our website.
  • text_snippet
    Part Change Notice #10648: Controller change from ST7565P to ST7565R
    Products Affected: CFAO4265A-TFK, CFAO4265A-TTL, CFAO4265A-TFK-CB, CFAO4265A-TTL-CB
    Date Issued: March 25, 2015
    Summary: Controller change from ST7565P to ST7565R
    Description: As part of our continuous improvement, the controller on the CFAO4265A display modules is changing from the Sitronix ST7565P to the ST7565R.

    Sitronix ST7565P controller datasheet:

    Sitronix ST7565R controller datasheet:
    Reason: Improved manufacturability, component availability, and lower cost.
    Impact: This change effects all CFAO4265A parts. Testing has shown functional compatibility between the ST7565P and ST7565R.
    There are no physical changes to the display.
    Recommendation: It is recommended to obtain test units prior to implementing new parts in production volumes.
    Availability: Inventory with ST765R controller will be available late Q2 / Early Q3 2015.
    Price Change: Lower manufacturing costs are reflected in lower product pricing.
  • text_snippet
    Product Update #10367: New Product in Standard Graphic Modules: CFAO4265A-TTL
    New Product: CFAO4265A-TTL
    Date Issued: October 18, 2011
    Summary: New Product in Standard Graphic Modules: CFAO4265A-TTL
    Description: 42x65 Graphic LCD, RoHS, FSTN Negative, Transmissive, -20°C to +70°C, 12:00 viewing angle.

Part Change Notices

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email Email subscription for changes to CFAO4265A-TTL or RSS RSS feed for changes to CFAO4265A-TTL for CFAO4265A-TTL

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