Part Number: CFA100362

The CFA10036 is a small, highly functional ARM9 based Linux SOM (System On Module). We accomplished our design goals when creating the CFA10036 by making a low cost, easy to use module with lots of GPIO.

This kit includes the CFA10036 with the 454MHz Freescale i.MX287 processor and 256 MB of RAM. This model does not include a display

A User Guide is available under the Docs / Files tab.

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The CFA10036 can easily monitor several environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, etc), log the data, and make that data available over the Internet. This is the core concept behind IoT (Internet of Things). Starting with a CFA10036 makes it very easy to make your thing part of the IoT.

To reduce overall cost, we found it made sense to move the fine-pitch high-density (BGA) parts onto a small, relatively costly PCB (CFA-10036) and move the rest of the parts onto a larger, lower cost PCB (CFA-10037).

Every tech geek who saw a prototype of the CFA-10036 quickly had an idea for a project that could use it. They wanted to use it in a test fixture, in another display design, in a motion control project, or in an automotive control project.

Our unofficial motto is “If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.” We ended up spending hundreds of hours updating our knowledge of high-speed PCB design, and designing and laying out the CFA-10036 to maximize the performance and minimize the cost. We think the result is beautiful.

  • 454MHz Freescale i.MX283 (optionally i.MX287) processor
    • 289-ball BGA 17x17 grid on 0.8mm pitch
    • 16-Kbyte instruction cache, 32-Kbyte data cache
    • 2x CAN interfaces (i.MX287 only)
    • Four synchronous serial ports
    • 10/100-Mbps 802.3 Ethernet MAC (1x on i.MX283, 2x on i.MX287)
    • USB 2.0 OTG (connected to microUSB AB on CFA-10036)
    • USB 2.0 host controller and PHY
    • 5x UART plus one dedicated debug UART
    • 2x I2C (OLED shares one of these)
    • LCD, touch screen, keypad, and rotary encoder support
    • RTC with 32KHz crystal (requires continuous power)
    • 4x 32-bit timers
    • 8x PWM
    • 5x 12-bit 428KS/s ADC channels
    • 1x 12 bit 2MS/s ADC channel
    • In short, all peripherals available on the i.MX28 are available on the CFA-10036 expansion connector except the OTG USB, which is brought out to its own dedicated connector. For details, refer to the Freescale i.MX28 data sheet.
  • 128MB (optionally 256MB) DDR2
  • MicroSD/microSDHC/microSDXC socket: up to 64GB of nonvolatile storage
  • 91 GPIO (i.MX283) or 126 GPIO (i.MX287)
  • 6-layer impedance-controlled PCB, gold SODIMM contacts
  • On-board micro USB AB connector
  • Only a single 5v supply needed (3.3v/1.8v/1.5v supplies internally generated)


Physical Characteristics

Module Overall width height
millimeters 67.6 41.8
inches 2.661 1.646
PCB Outline width height
millimeters 67.6 41.8
inches 2.661 1.646
Weight 9g

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage for Logic Minimum 5V
Supply Voltage for Logic Maximum 5V
Supply Voltage for Logic Typical 5V

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Product Update #10474: (New Product) CFA100362

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Date Issued: April 22, 2013
Summary: (New Product) CFA100362
Description: Linux SOM: Linux SOM with a i.MX287 Processor and no display.