SSD1309 OLED Breakout Board

Part Number: CFA10105

This adapter board simplifies the process of bringing up some of our OLED displays including the transparent OLED and the 1.54" OLED in white and our 128x64 yellow OLED. With this adapter board, these OLEDs can be powered and run by a 3.3v microprocessor without a separate power supply. That means all you need is this board and a Seeeduino to run the displays - no extra components, no extra power supply.

This board supports interfacing with the display using SPI, I2C, 6800, and 8080. Two jumpers on the board control the interface. They ship open for communication using SPI but can easily be closed with solder or external wires.

There are two options for mounting an OLED to this board, and tape is included on the board for whichever option you choose. The first option is to mount the display on the goal posts - this is a score for the transparent so you don't lose any of its wow-factor. The other option is piggyback the board onto the display. This makes a nice small form factor, but unfortunately, the board itself isn't transparent, so we recommend this option for the non-transparent OLEDs only.

The back of the board is printed with a quick and handy guide for the different interfaces. We love this board and think you will too!
  • Single 3.3v required to power the OLED (usually takes 3.3v & 12.5v)
  • It has a voltage regulator for the 12.5v rail
  • configurable jumpers to change the interface between parallel / SPI / I2C
  • Two styles of mounting available, open window for the transparent and the non-transparent displays can wrap around and wear the adapter board like a backpack
  • BS1 & BS2 can be controlled by jumpers or by external wires

This breakout board was specifically designed for these OLED display modules:
128x64 White Graphic OLED
128x64 Yellow Graphic OLED
128x56 Transparent OLED Display

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Components worth considering
4577 128x56 Transparent OLED Display
Add a transparent OLED? $29.99 ea.
4692 128x64 Yellow Graphic OLED
Add a Yellow OLED? $17.33 ea.

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