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(May 2004)



Inverter for EL backlit graphic modules


For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.

Physical Characteristics

Weight 13g

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Product Update #10591: End of Life for EL and CCFL inverters

Products Affected: CFAICCFL-1, CFAIEL-2
Date Issued: June 13, 2014
Summary: End of Life for EL and CCFL inverters
Description: EL and CCFL inverters are going End Of Life 2014-06-31.
Reason: Market trends and new product development have reduced demand for EL and CCFL backlights with a move to longer life and less expensive LED backlights.
Impact: EL and CCFL backlight inverters will no longer be available. For a list of effected display modules, see PUN#10592:
Recommendation: Customer using EL or CCFL backlight modules should migrated to LED backlight versions of the modules they are currently using.
Availability: Last orders must be received no later than 2014-06-31.
Last shipments will be late September of 2014.
Current inventory at Crystalfontz America will not be replenished and sold until exhausted.
Price Change: No price change.

Production Notes

This part is End Of Life. Existing inventory will not be replenished and sold until exhausted.
Current pricing limited to stock on hand.