128x32 Graphic OLED Module

Part Number: CFAL12832D-CY

This 0.91-inch diagonal graphic OLED display module has a 2000:1 contrast ratio, with a true black background in dramatic contrast to the bright yellow lit-up pixels.

  • I2C interface
  • 14-pin TAB style flex tail
  • Integrated Solomon Systech SSD1306 or compatible controller.
  • Operating temperature range from -20°C to +*80°C
  • RoHS compliant

Need this display with SPI interface? Click on one of the CFAL12832D-P* photos in the Product Variant table above (upper right). Prefer an easy ZIF connection? Click on one of the CFAL12832D-B* photos. The CFAL12832D-B* displays have both SPI and I2C interfaces.

In business since 1998, Crystalfontz America, Incorporated is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Please contact technical support for questions regarding this product.

Product Variants

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Quantity Price
1 * $5.81
10 * $5.06
20 * $4.88
50 * $4.69
100 * $4.42
200 * $4.35
300 * $4.13
500 * $4.08
1000 * $3.67
* Pricing is subject to change. Contact us about potential lead times.

Additional Options

In addition to the yellow-on-black OLED above, the CFAL12832D-C* series also has a white-on-black variant.
This part is not recommended for new designs. It is being replaced by CFAL12832B-0091P-W. Once the stock is depleted, it will no longer be available. Pricing has been discounted to liquidate the stock on hand.

128x32 Graphical OLED Module
Part Number: CFAL12832D-CW
Quantity 1
Price $3.76

This module is engineered for high volume production. It uses a "TAB" (tape automated bonding) or "COF" (chip on flex) style flex tail mated with a thin display. The TAB connector must soldered directly to corresponding pads on your PCB using a hot-bar soldering machine, or bonded with anisotropic adhesive using heat and pressure. High volume contract manufacturers will be familiar with this type of construction and its assembly methods. Hot-bar soldering machines designed for prototype, rework or repair of TAB connections are available from equipment suppliers at reasonable cost. The TAB style connection requires no separate connector, so the cost is very low, and the ultra thin profile of the display is maintained.

Part Change Notice

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  • text_snippet
    Part Change Notice #11020: Part Change Notification
    Products Affected: CFAL12832D-B, CFAL12832D-CW, CFAL12832D-CY, CFAL12832D-PW, CFAL12832D-PY, CFAL12832D-BY, CFAL12832D-BB
    Date Issued: November 1, 2018
    Summary: Part Change Notification
    Description: The parts listed are being replaced by new part numbers.
    Reason: The glass used in these displays is being replaced by thinner more efficient glass.
    Impact: The part numbers listed will be replaced by new part numbers. The operation of the displays will not change. The overall thickness of each of the displays will decrease by 0.05mm.

    The part number changes are:

    CFAL12832D-CW - CFAL12832B-0091C-W
    CFAL12832D-PY - CFAL12832B-0091P-Y
    CFAL12832D-PW - CFAL12832B-0091P-W
    CFAL12832D-B - CFAL12832B-0091B-W
    CFAL12832D-BB - CFAL12832B-0091B-B
    CFAL12832D-BY - CFAL12832B-0091B-Y
    Recommendation: Users are recommended to verify that the change in the thickness dimension will not affect the installation of the displays.
    Availability: The new parts will be available when current stock is depleted.
  • text_snippet
    Product Update #10697: (New Product) CFAL12832D-CY
    New Product: CFAL12832D-CY
    Date Issued: April 29, 2016
    Summary: (New Product) CFAL12832D-CY
    Description: OLED Modules: 0.91" diagonal 128x32 yellow-on-black OLED graphic display, Solomon Systech SSD1306 controller, 3.3v, I2C interface, TAB connector.

Part Change Notices

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