Multi-use ZIF Breakout Board

Part Number: CFA10102

This generic adapter board is a huge boon to prototyping with a display. With multiple sizes and pitches of ZIF connectors, most of our displays can be wired up using this breakout board. Plus, the board includes a voltage booster, removing the need for a power supply to provide the panel or backlight voltage.

This board also features four jumpers for each pin to connect to the low voltage net, high voltage net, or one of two ground nets. These jumpers simplify adding any necessary 0603 components to bring up the display. That means no more messy soldering on a little breakout board or complicated breadboards. Plus, the high-voltage is generated by the voltage booster, so only the low-voltage needs to be supplied externally.

This adapter board also includes multiple headers for easy signal debugging or for attaching peripheral devices.

  • Four choices of ZIF connector (3 sizes of .5 mm pitch, 1 size of .3 mm pitch)
  • Headers for signal debugging
  • On-board variable voltage booster
  • Each line can connect to two ground locations, high-voltage, and low-voltage
  • Dual row header that an adapter board can be solder into so any ZIF connector can work with the board
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Components worth considering
1871 Female to Female Jumper Wires
Add jumper wires $2.94 ea.
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